Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Printables: A Festive Collection for Creative Fun

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Printable Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Shape Turkey Craft

Create a fun and festive Shape Turkey Craft with these Thanksgiving arts and crafts printables. This craft is perfect for kids of all ages and allows them to explore shapes while creating their own unique turkey. Simply print out the template, cut out the different shapes, and assemble them to create your turkey. Add googly eyes, a beak, and some feathers to bring your turkey to life. It's a great activity for Thanksgiving parties or just for some creative fun.

Thanksgiving Hats

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with these adorable Thanksgiving Hats that you can make using printable templates. Whether you're hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or attending one as a guest, these hats are sure to add some festive flair to your outfit. Choose from various hat designs like pilgrim hats or colorful autumn leaves. Simply print out the templates on cardstock paper, cut along the lines, and secure them together using glue or tape. These hats are easy to make and will definitely get everyone in the holiday mood.

Thanksgiving Name Craft

Personalize your Thanksgiving table with this simple yet meaningful Thanksgiving Name Craft project. Using printable name cards in beautiful fall-themed designs, you can easily create personalized place settings for each of your guests. Print out the name cards on sturdy paper or cardstock, write each person's name on them by hand or use calligraphy fonts for an elegant touch. You can also add additional decorations like ribbons or small embellishments to make it more festive. This craft not only adds a personal touch but also shows gratitude towards each individual at your gathering.

Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Craft

Join Pete the Cat in celebrating Thanksgiving with this delightful Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Craft activity! Print out Pete the Cat templates and let your kids color them in with their favorite shades. Cut out the templates, including Pete's body, head, and accessories like his hat or feathered collar. Then assemble them to create a unique Thanksgiving-themed Pete the Cat character. This craft is not only fun but also encourages creativity and imagination. Your little ones will love having their own Pete the Cat to display during the holiday season.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Native American Craft

Create a fun and festive Thanksgiving decoration with this Toilet Paper Roll Native American Craft. Gather some empty toilet paper rolls and paint them in traditional Native American colors like brown, red, and yellow. Then, cut out feather shapes from colored construction paper and glue them onto the top of each roll. To finish off the craft, draw on facial features such as eyes and a mouth using markers or paint. These adorable little Native American figures can be displayed on your Thanksgiving table or used as place card holders for guests.

Paper Plate Pilgrims

Get creative with your kids this Thanksgiving by making Paper Plate Pilgrims. Start by painting two white paper plates to resemble pilgrim hats using black paint. Once dry, stack one plate on top of the other and secure them together with glue or tape. Next, use construction paper to create a belt buckle shape which you can attach to the front of the hat. For added detail, draw on facial features including eyes, nose, and mouth using markers or crayons. These cute little Pilgrim hats can be hung up as decorations or used as masks for imaginative play.

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Add some color to your Thanksgiving festivities with this Coffee Filter Turkey Craft. Begin by flattening out a coffee filter into a round shape and securing it in place with tape or glue dots. Then have fun decorating the turkey's feathers by coloring directly onto the coffee filter using washable markers or watercolor paints - let your creativity soar! Once you're satisfied with your colorful creation, attach googly eyes, a small orange triangle for a beak, and an accordion-folded piece of red construction paper for its wattle at the center of the filter circle to complete your turkey masterpiece.

Corn Cob Painting

Get messy and create a unique Thanksgiving artwork with Corn Cob Painting. Start by gathering some dried corn cobs, preferably ones that have already been shucked. Dip the ends of the corn cobs into different colored paints or use paintbrushes to apply the colors directly onto the cob's kernels. Experiment with various patterns and color combinations to create beautiful designs. Once you're satisfied with your painting, gently press the painted cob onto a piece of paper or canvas to transfer the vibrant colors. Allow it to dry completely before displaying your colorful corn cob masterpiece.

Thanksgiving Coloring & Activity Pages

Printable Thanksgiving Placemats

Looking for a fun and engaging activity to keep your kids entertained during Thanksgiving dinner? Look no further than these printable Thanksgiving placemats! These colorful placemats feature festive designs and can be customized with your child's name. They include activities like word searches, mazes, and coloring pages, providing hours of entertainment. Simply print them out and place one at each table setting for a creative and interactive dining experience.

Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Keep the little ones busy while you prepare your Thanksgiving feast with these happy Thanksgiving coloring pages. These printable coloring sheets are perfect for children of all ages who love to color. From turkeys to pumpkins, pilgrims to cornstalks, there is a wide variety of holiday-themed images that will keep kids engaged and excited about the holiday season. Just print them out and let their creativity soar as they bring these charming illustrations to life with vibrant colors.

Thanksgiving Color By Number

"Color by number" is always a hit among children, so why not incorporate it into your Thanksgiving festivities? These Thanksgiving color by number printables are a great way to combine art with learning. Each page features an adorable holiday-themed image divided into sections marked with numbers. Kids simply follow the instructions on the key provided to determine which colors correspond to each number, resulting in a beautiful masterpiece when completed. It's an enjoyable activity that helps develop fine motor skills while keeping children entertained.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Add some excitement and adventure to your Thanksgiving celebration with this fun-filled scavenger hunt! This printable scavenger hunt game is designed specifically for the holiday season and will entertain both young kids and adults alike. The game includes a list of Thanksgiving-themed items to find, such as a pinecone, a leaf, or a turkey decoration. Participants can work individually or in teams to search for the items around the house or outdoors. It's a great way to get everyone involved and create lasting memories during this special time of year.

DIY Thanksgiving Decor Crafts

Thankful Tree Craft

The Thankful Tree Craft is a popular Thanksgiving activity that allows children and adults to express their gratitude. It involves creating a tree using construction paper or cardstock and then adding leaves with handwritten messages of thanks. This craft not only encourages creativity but also promotes mindfulness and appreciation for the things we are grateful for.

Thanksgiving Garland

Thanksgiving Garland is a festive decoration that adds warmth and charm to any home during the holiday season. Made from various materials like colored paper, fabric, or even dried leaves, this DIY project involves cutting out shapes related to Thanksgiving such as pumpkins, turkeys, or fall leaves, and stringing them together to create a beautiful garland that can be hung on walls, staircases, or mantels. The Thanksgiving Garland serves as a delightful reminder of the upcoming celebration while enhancing the ambiance of your living space.

Plaid Thankful Place Card

Plaid Thankful Place Cards are an elegant addition to any Thanksgiving table setting. These place cards not only help organize seating arrangements but also add a personal touch to each guest's place at the table. Using plaid-patterned cardstock or scrapbooking paper in autumnal colors like reds, oranges, and yellows creates a warm aesthetic that complements the holiday theme perfectly. Simply write each guest's name on one side of the card and include a heartfelt message of gratitude on the other side for an extra special touch.

Paper Bag Turkeys

Paper Bag Turkeys are a fun craft project for kids during Thanksgiving season. By using simple materials like brown paper bags, construction paper feathers in vibrant colors like reds, yellows,and oranges along with googly eyes,the kids can create their own adorable turkey. This craft not only sparks creativity but also allows children to engage in imaginative play by using their finished turkeys as puppets or decorations for the Thanksgiving table.