Easter Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers: Fun and Easy Projects

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Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Sponge Painted Easter Eggs

Sponge painting is a fun and easy way for preschoolers to decorate Easter eggs. All you need is some sponges, paint, and hard-boiled eggs. Cut the sponges into various shapes like circles, squares, or triangles. Then dip the sponge in paint and press it onto the egg to create colorful patterns. You can mix different colors of paint or use one color at a time for a more uniform look. This activity allows children to explore their creativity while developing their fine motor skills.

Paper Doily Chick Craft

Create adorable chick crafts using paper doilies! Start by folding a yellow paper doily in half to form the body of the chick. Glue googly eyes and an orange triangle-shaped beak on top of the folded part. Cut out wings from another yellow doily and attach them to the sides of the body with glue or tape. Finally, cut two small feet from orange construction paper and glue them at the bottom. These cute paper doily chicks make great decorations for Easter-themed displays or gifts for family members.

Paper Plate Bunny Butt Craft

Start by cutting out two large ovals from white construction paper to represent bunny paws. Attach these ovals towards one end of a plain white paper plate using glue or tape as they will be sticking out like bunny legs when flipped over later on. Next, flip over your plate so that these glued/taped-on pieces are facing down; now fold up both ends (sides) together forming what looks similar enough shape-wise but smaller than what we would usually call 'bunny ears.' The final step involves adding details such as drawing/painting bunny face on the front (unfolding) side and gluing cotton balls around the edge of the plate to create a fluffy tail. This simple yet cute craft is sure to delight preschoolers and make a perfect addition to any Easter-themed decorations or activities.

More Cute Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easter Tote Bag

Create a fun and festive Easter tote bag for your preschooler to use during the holiday season. Start by choosing a plain canvas tote bag in a light pastel color, such as pink or baby blue. Then, gather various Easter-themed stencils, fabric paints, and paintbrushes. Help your child place the stencils on the tote bag and encourage them to paint inside the stencil using different colors of fabric paint. Once the paint is dry, remove the stencils to reveal colorful Easter designs. Your preschooler will love carrying their personalized Easter tote bag while collecting eggs or going on an Easter egg hunt.

Moving Easter Bunny

Engage your preschooler in a creative activity by making a moving Easter bunny craft together. Begin by cutting out two large bunny shapes from white cardstock paper. Decorate one of the bunny cutouts with markers or colored pencils to create its face and body features like eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers. Next, take another sheet of cardstock paper in a contrasting color (such as pink or yellow) and fold it accordion-style to create multiple small sections for legs that bend back and forth when opened or closed. Attach this folded paper strip between both bunny cutouts using glue at their bottoms so that it acts as movable legs for your bunny craft! Your child can have fun playing with their adorable moving Easter bunny.

Bunny Bag

Encourage imaginative play with your preschooler by crafting a cute Bunny Bag together! Start by taking a medium-sized brown paper lunch bag as the base for this project. Help your child cut out two long ear shapes from white construction paper and attach them near the top of the bag using glue. Then, let them decorate the front of the bag with markers or crayons to draw a bunny face and add details like eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers. You can also provide cotton balls for your child to glue at the bottom of the bag as a fluffy tail. Once completed, your preschooler can use their Bunny Bag to store small Easter treats or carry around their favorite toys.

Easter Egg Crafts for Toddlers

Dot Marker Chicks

Create adorable chick art with dot markers! Preschoolers will love using dot markers to make colorful chicks for Easter. Simply provide them with blank paper and a variety of colored dot markers. Show them how to press the marker onto the paper, creating dots in different sizes and colors. Encourage their creativity by letting them design their own unique chicks. They can add eyes, beaks, wings, and feathers using other art supplies like crayons or markers. This fun and simple activity is a great way for preschoolers to explore color mixing and develop their fine motor skills.

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Coffee filters can be transformed into beautiful Easter eggs with this easy craft idea for preschoolers. Start by laying out several coffee filters on a flat surface. Provide your little ones with washable markers in various bright colors such as pastel shades commonly associated with Easter. Let them freely draw patterns or designs on the coffee filters, encouraging them to use multiple colors for an eye-catching effect. Once they are done coloring, give each child a spray bottle filled with water and let them mist the coffee filters until the colors start blending together beautifully, creating a watercolor-like effect reminiscent of dyed Easter eggs!

Paper Towel Easter Eggs

Get ready to create textured Easter eggs using paper towels! This engaging craft allows preschoolers to experiment with different techniques while making unique decorations for the holiday season. To get started, gather some plain white paper towels or tissue papers along with liquid watercolors or diluted food coloring in vibrant hues associated with Easter like pink, purple, yellow or green shades representative of springtime blooms. Next step involves folding these sheets into egg shapes before dipping small sections into separate cups containing different colored dyes. Once dipped, carefully unfold the paper towel to reveal a beautiful marbled pattern created by the colors blending together. Allow them to dry completely before displaying or using as ornaments for an Easter tree.

Sidewalk Chalk Bunny Prints

Let your little ones leave their mark with adorable bunny prints made from sidewalk chalk! This outdoor craft is not only fun but also helps children explore their creativity while enjoying some fresh air. Start by selecting a smooth and clean section of pavement or sidewalk where kids can freely draw and create. Provide them with large pieces of colored sidewalk chalk in various shades such as pastel pinks, blues, yellows, and greens that are reminiscent of Easter. Encourage them to make bunny footprints by placing one hand on top of another with fingers spread wide apart like rabbit ears. They can then press their hands firmly onto the ground to leave behind cute bunny paw prints. Let them experiment with different poses and arrangements to create a whole family of bunnies hopping along!

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Cardboard Easter Art

Get creative this Easter with fun and easy arts and crafts projects using cardboard. From making colorful Easter baskets to creating adorable bunny masks, there are endless possibilities for preschoolers to explore their creativity. With just a few simple materials like cardboard, scissors, glue, and paint, children can bring their imagination to life. Encourage them to decorate their creations with stickers, glitter, or markers for an extra touch of sparkle.

Eggs in the Grass

Engage your preschoolers in a delightful sensory activity by creating a mini garden scene with eggs hidden in the grass. This hands-on project not only encourages fine motor skills development but also sparks imagination as kids imagine themselves on an exciting egg hunt adventure. Start by cutting out strips of green construction paper to resemble blades of grass and arrange them inside a shallow container or tray. Then place plastic eggs filled with surprises among the grassy landscape. Let the little ones search for the hidden treasures while enjoying the tactile experience of touching and feeling the "grass" beneath their fingertips.

Paper Rainbows

Brighten up your Easter celebration with vibrant paper rainbows created by your preschoolers. This craft is not only visually appealing but also provides an opportunity for learning about colors and patterns. To make paper rainbows, gather colored construction paper in various shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (ROYGBIV). Help your child cut out semi-circles from each color strip and then glue them together to form a rainbow shape on another piece of white or blue construction paper. Encourage them to add cotton balls as clouds at both ends for an added touch.

Easter Coloring Sheets

Keep your preschooler entertained and engaged with Easter-themed coloring sheets. These printable sheets feature adorable bunnies, chicks, eggs, and other festive elements that can be colored using crayons or markers. Coloring is not only a fun activity but also helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children. You can find a wide variety of free Easter coloring sheets online that are suitable for different skill levels. Print out a few copies and let the little ones choose their favorite designs to color during quiet time or as part of an Easter-themed art session.

Easter Art Projects

Jelly bean painting

Jelly bean painting is a fun and colorful activity for preschoolers during Easter. Children can use different colors of jelly beans to create unique paintings. They can dip the jelly beans in washable paint and then press them onto paper or canvas to make beautiful patterns and designs. This sensory activity not only allows children to explore their creativity but also helps develop fine motor skills as they grasp, manipulate, and place the small jelly beans.

Glossy egg decoration

Glossy egg decoration is a delightful craft project that preschoolers can enjoy during Easter time. Using blown-out eggs or plastic eggs, children can decorate them with glossy stickers, glitter glue, or metallic markers. The shiny decorations add an extra touch of elegance to the eggs and make them stand out as festive ornaments. This activity encourages imagination and fine motor skills development while allowing children to personalize their own Easter decorations.

An after-Easter egg shell collage

An after-Easter egg shell collage is a creative way for preschoolers to repurpose leftover eggshells from Easter celebrations. Children can collect empty eggshells after dyeing or decorating eggs and let them dry thoroughly. Then they can crush the shells into small pieces and use glue or mod podge to attach them onto cardboard or canvas in various shapes or patterns. The resulting collage creates texture, adds visual interest, and teaches young ones about recycling materials in an artistic manner.

Footprint Easter card

Preschoolers love getting their hands dirty while creating handmade cards for loved ones during special occasions like Easter! A footprint Easter card is a cute idea that combines artistry with personalization. Kids will need some colored construction paper (preferably pastel shades), washable paint, and a paintbrush. They can dip their feet in the paint and carefully stamp them on the paper to create bunny footprints. Then they can add details like eyes, whiskers, and a message inside the card. This adorable craft not only allows preschoolers to showcase their creativity but also provides an opportunity for them to express love and appreciation through handmade gestures.