Three Tips for Effective Handmade Card Designs

You’ll find these three tips for effective handmade card designs very helpful when you’re trying to make a card! Even if you’re copying someone else’s card, the tips will help you make sure your version is impressive.

Here’s a card to illustrate the tips.  You can see the original post on this card here:  Sky is the Limit.

Design tips for handmade card using Sky is the Limit from Stamping Madly

Design Tips:

  1. The focal point, or where your eye is supposed to be drawn to, is very clear.  When you look at this card, the first thing you probably notice is the plane, because it has the most “weight” of all the elements.
  2. The design makes use of a diagonal path for the eye to take when exploring the other elements of the card.  Diagonal lines are not a “must,” but are very effective when used.
  3. The background of clouds is interesting, but it doesn’t overpower the focal point.

Here’s another example.  You can see the original post here:  Balloon Celebration.

Design Tips for handmade card using Balloon Celebration stamp set from Stamping Madly

  1. The focal point of the row of balloons is very compelling, and nothing else competes for the eye’s attention.
  2. The diagonal path is prominent, leading the eye to the edge of the card, which makes the observer want to open it.
  3. The background of clouds behind the balloons is interesting, yet subtle.  And the balloon strings and stars add interest to the front of the card without distracting from the balloons.

One more example is this Corner Fold Card.  You can see the original post here:  Birthday Blooms Corner Fold.

Design Tips for Birthday Blooms Corner Fold Card from Stamping Madly

  1. The floral image is very powerful, and nothing else distracts from it.
  2. The Corner Fold Card has a built-in diagonal line, and the angle of the flower accentuates it.
  3. The backgrounds, both on the front of the card, and on the inside layer that shows, are interesting to explore, but subtle enough to not overwhelm the artwork.

If you want to learn more about how to design effective and harmonious handmade cards, you’ll be glad to know there’s a class for that! 

The Art of Designing Cards--Online class from Stamping Madly

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Next time you sit down to make cards, try using these three tips for effective handmade card designs!