How to Mail Bulky Handmade Cards

You love to make them, you love to give them, but I bet you don’t love going to the Post Office to mail your bulky handmade cards!  It’s time to be thinking of mailing your Christmas cards, and if you’re like me, you’d love to mail them from home!  Once you understand the U.S. Postal Service “rules,” there’s no need to make that extra trip.  Which means you’ll have more time to make awesome cards!

I’ve created a two-part video with everything you need to know to package and send your cards safely through the mail. 

Many cardmakers shy away from making cards with thick embellishments and layers.  Some want to avoid paying for extra postage, and if you’re sending out lots of cards, this is an important consideration.  But when you watch these videos, you’ll see that you can send cards up to 1/4″ thick for a single Forever stamp, as long as you package it to comply with the Postal Service rules.

 Many handmade cards can be sent with one Forever Stamp

Other cardmakers don’t want to make the trip to the post office to find out how much postage to put on their cards.  With a small postal or kitchen scale, plus a stash of stamps, you can mail everything from home!  In addition to Forever Stamps, you’ll need some Additional Ounce Stamps.

Bulky handmade cards may need one or two Additionl Ounce Stamps, in addition to Forever Stamps

Part 1 of How to Mail Bulky Handmade Cards shows how to package them so they have the best chance of being delivered safely.

Part 2 shows how to determine the postage your cards need so you can skip the trip to the Post Office.

Download the pdf I showed in the videos by clicking on this link:

Sending First Class Mail Without Going to the Post Office

Amazon has a selection of postal and kitchen scales at:

I try to provide content that answers questions I receive from followers, and I had several cardmakers who wanted this information.  So leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Sending out holiday cards could get a bit easier this season if you understand how to mail bulky handmade cards!