How to Get FREE Paper Crafting Tools & Supplies

Want to know how to get FREE paper crafting supplies and tools from Stampin’ Up!?  Here’s how:  Order at least $150 worth of Stampin’ Up! merchandise and you’ll get 10% of that amount in Stampin’ Rewards.  These are FREE dollars you can spend on any Stampin’ Up! merchandise.

As this table shows, the percentage of reward dollars you earn goes up as the merchandise total increases.

Stampin' Rewards:  Free paper crafting supplies & tools from Stampin' Up!

But Stampin’ Up! just sweetened the deal!  Today through November 9th, you’ll earn an extra 3% worth of rewards for an order of $300 or more!  You’ll be happy as a pig in slop!  Really, your brain will release a chemical that makes you happy, just like the brain of this little piggy did!!


So why wouldn’t you want to earn Stampin’ Rewards?

  • You can get 40% off at the local craft store instead (then struggle to match colors with your Stampin’ Up! supplies)
  • You’ll spend all your grocery money on stamping supplies and have to eat crackers all month!
  • Your family might divorce you!  (Except for the fact that they like you better when you’re happy, and stamping makes you happy!)

OK, so we all have to consider our budgets before going hog-wild buying paper crafting supplies!  But you have options!

The quickest way to get an order that big is to combine orders with other paper crafters.  They don’t even have to live near you.  I can set it up so that your friends’ orders will be added to your total so you can get the big rewards.  With one or two other crafters adding on to your order, you’d be surprised at how fast you’ll reach that $300 mark!

Want to learn more about earning Stampin’ Rewards?  Feel free to contact me by phone (505-266-6240) or email (, and I’ll help you rack up those rewards!

If you prefer, use this link to SHOP ONLINE!  Before you do, check out this post to make sure you understand how to order your Stampin’ Rewards online:  FREE Paper Crafting Supplies

Remember, if you order over $300 between now and November 9th, you’ll earn extra rewards!  And THAT’S how you get FREE paper crafting tools and supplies from Stampin’ Up!