Are You Missing Stamping Madly Blog Post Notices?

Are you missing Stamping Madly Blog Post Notices?  When my blog moved last month, the Feedburner link had to be reset.  (Feedburner is the service that sends out the notices.)  I didn’t realize the problem existed until one of my frustrated followers emailed and asked why she wasn’t getting any notices.

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Now I don’t know if you’ve started getting notices after the Feedburner account was re-set, or if you’re going to have to sign up again.  Since I wasn’t signed up before the move, I don’t have a way to test it out!  So I need your help.

If you started receiving email notices of new posts again, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  Just use the link under this post to leave a comment.

If you still aren’t receiving notices and would like to, please sign up again.  Use the sign-up box under my photo in the sidebar.

Don’t miss out–sign up to receive notice of new Stamping Madly blog posts!