Design Tips on Three Handmade Christmas Cards

If you love reading my design tips, you’ll like these tips on three handmade Christmas Cards. The first is made with the Good Tidings Stamp Set and the Card Front Builder Thinlits.


Don’t you love the way the flower cut-outs frame the sentiment and create a diagonal line? If you’ve been following any of my designing tips, you know how effective I think a diagonal line is! That’s because the human brain finds the diagonal line very harmonious. I don’t know why the brain is wired that way, but when you look at a card with a diagonal line in the design, it just feels good.

The diagonal stripes of the embossed background (the now retired Stylish Stripes Embossing Folder) repeat the motif in a subtle yet compelling manner. The silver dots from the Metallic Enamel Shapes collection also help lead the eye from the top left corner to the bottom right.

We’ve been exploring cards with strong diagonal lines the Stamping Madly Designers Facebook Group recently, and group members are coming to appreciate the value of this design strategy.

Here’s another Christmas Card that utilizes a diagonal line. It’s also made with the Card Front Builder Thinlits, along with the swirl of stars from the Star of Light Stamp Set.


Without the swirl of stars, there was a hint of a diagonal line from the moon in the top left corner, through the trees, down to the sentiment in the bottom right. The Glimmer Paper behind the moon and stars cut-out looks more prominent in person, the camera just didn’t pick it up very well, and the diagonal was more obvious as I was designing the card.

But there was a lot of empty space, and I wanted something to accentuate that diagonal. The swirl of stars was the perfect choice!

Here’s another Christmas Card with a diagonal created with the swirl of stars from Star of Light. 


Let’s look at the path the eye follows when you look at this card.  First you’re likely to see the white and silver star, as that’s the element that has the most “weight” or importance. Then the swirl of stars tends to draw the attention down to the lower right corner, and helps tell the brain that the background is worth exploring as well. Then the attention is drawn back to the strong star image.

Of course I don’t use a diagonal line in all of my designs, but when I do, I love how easily the eye follows that line.

If you’re intrigued by the design tips I share and want more ideas about how to use them, you’ll want to check out the Stamping Madly Designers Facebook Group. Use this link to get all the information: Designers Group.

I hope you’ve learned something from these design tips on three  handmade Christmas Cards using the Good Tidings Stamp Set, Card Front Builder Thinlits, and Star of Light Stamp Set!

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