Are You a Designer? Or Do You Just Make Cards?

There’s a difference between just making cards and designing them. If you’ve been following my Design Tip blog posts and Facebook updates, you’re probably starting to get a sense of what I mean.

You’ve seen examples of cards that make use of the Rule of Thirds, with a video explaining this timeless Design Principle. It even shows you how to make a vellum Grid of Thirds to help you use this principle in your cards.

Grid of Thirds overlay on handmade card to help design great cards

You’ve learned about the power of the diagonal line in a card design.

The power of a diagonal line in a handmade card design

And you’ve learned about the importance of “creating a harmonious path for the eye to follow.”

Creating a harmonious path for the eye to follow in handmade card designs

These design tips are only a few of the many I’ve shared here and on Facebook.

If you like the tips, but don’t know how to them in your own cards, then you probably want to learn about design in more depth. That means you need a Design Coach! 

Design Coaching for Cardmakers from Stamping Madly

What’s a Design Coach? It’s someone who can:

  • help you develop your sense of design,
  • walk you through the steps and decisions necessary when you design a card,
  • and encourage you to try new things to help you develop your Designer’s Eye.

In the process, you’ll develop the ability to create cards that are stunning works of art!

Sound intriguing? I hope so! Use this link to learn more about this awesome opportunity to learn to design great cards!

Design Coaching from Stamping Madly

Think about what a difference it would make if you could go from just making cards to becoming a designer of stunning works of art!

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