Painted Harvest Stamp Set: Design Tip for Handmade Cards

I’ve got a design tip for using the Painted Harvest Stamp Set on your handmade cards. Many of the cards I’ve seen made with this beautiful stamp set have three or more sunflowers positioned something like this.


Stampers have added leaves, tags, and/or embellishments, of course. This is a quick draft I did just to show positioning.

I found it a little challenging to get a harmonious grouping of flowers, which can be the case with many stamp sets.  I did several practice pieces before I even got out some cardstock.  I use 4×6 unlined index cards, cut down to 4″ x 5-1/4″, the size of a background layer for a typical handmade card.  That way I can play and experiment until I have a sense of what I want my design to look like before I switch to cardstock.  Here are two practice pieces:


These eventually led me to this design:


Can you see how harmonious this positioning is compared to the first photos?  Do you want to know why this placement makes a better design?

It’s simple. I used a tried and true design strategy, and placed the flowers and sentiment on a diagonal line. The stamped splatters (from Timeless Textures) as well as the Metallic Thread help accentuate the diagonal.

This creates a pleasing path for the eye to follow, one of the most important things to consider when designing a card. When you’re looking at cards on the internet, take a closer look at the ones that are most pleasing to you.  Chances are a lot of them will have used the diagonal line to create a feeling of harmony and balance. Then see if you can make use of a diagonal next time you’re creating a card.

If you like learning about what makes a good card design and what doesn’t, be sure to visit the Stamping Madly Facebook Page. Like and Follow the Page to make sure the posts end up in your Newsfeed!  I frequently ask design questions about the cards I post. Some interesting discussions get started that will challenge you to look at cards with a “Designer’s Eye!” 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this design tip for using the Painted Harvest Stamp Set, and that you’ll make use of the diagonal line in some of your handmade cards.

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