The Care and Feeding of Big Shot Cutting Pads

If you’re not sure about the best care and feeding for your Big Shot Cutting Pads, you’ll want to watch my new video. 

Two years ago, I did a video using a technique someone showed me to flatten warped Cutting Pads.  It turned out that the technique I showed didn’t keep the pads flat for long, and I gave up on that approach. 

One thing that bugged me is I realized I wasn’t using the Magnetic Platform because my Pads were all so warped, the magnets couldn’t hold the dies in place!  I had to find a better system, so I experimented until I found one that works well for me.

I didn’t want to do a new video until I was sure I wouldn’t steer you wrong (again).  Take a look:

In case you’re curious, here’s the first video on getting your Cutting Pads flat:

If you want to learn more about the Precision Base Plate, this video will be helpful:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

Use these tips on the care and feeding of Big Shot Cutting Pads to make your crafting time more enjoyable and more efficient! 

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