More Tips for Choosing Stamps You’ll Use Over and Over!

I promised a post with a couple more tips for choosing stamps you’ll use over and over, so here it is. In case you missed the first two tips, you can seem them in this post:  How to Choose.

Third: What occasions do you celebrate?

  • Do you celebrate birthdays and other occasions for kids and grandkids? Or do you make cards mostly for adults?
  • Do you have a lot of family members getting married or having babies?
  • Do you need stamps for masculine cards?
  • Do you just like to make stunning cards you can use for any occasion?

You can see that just narrowing down the kinds of cards you’re likely to make will help you choose wisely. For example, I don’t make cards for kids at this point in my life, or for people having babies. Even though I love the Moon Baby set from the Occasions Catalog, I didn’t get it because I want to make cards fit the occasions I celebrate. But if my friends were having babies, this would be a must-have!

Click here to order Moon Baby Stamp Set from Stampin' Up!

Here’s a trick I use: I make a lot of cards that aren’t for a specific occasion. I don’t often put a sentiment on the front of my cards, or when I do it’s a bit generic. That way I have a stash of cards that I can use for any occasion that arises by adding the appropriate greeting on the inside. Here’s a good example. Even though it has a general sentiment on the front, I can use this card for a birthday, thinking of you, Mother’s Day, sympathy, get well, etc., etc.

Handmade all-occasions card from Stamping Madly using Butterfly Basics Stamp Set and Seaside Embossing Folder from Stampin' Up!

Fourth: Assess the Sentiments

I have bought more than one stamp set because it had one or two sentiments that resonated with me at a deep level–even if the rest of the stamps weren’t quite my cup of tea. I’m afraid that some of those sets have sat on the shelf after only one use. So I’ve learned to make sure I’m likely to use the rest of the stamps in a variety of ways. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you like the font(s)?
  • Do the sentiments express the way you want to feel when you give a card?
  • Is there a lot of variety? Do you make a lot of birthday cards, and want a set with a bunch of ways to say happy birthday?  Or would you rather have a set with sentiments for lots of occasions?
  • Is it worth buying the set for one or two sentiments that resonate with you? Or do you need to find a set with more stamps that you know you’ll use?

Here’s an example of a sentiment I just had to have in the First Sight Stamp Set. I was a nurse midwife in one of my earlier careers, and delivered a lot of babies. I was blessed to be able to witness that moment when a baby first looks at its mother, so the words “I have loved you, Mother, since I opened my eyes” resonated too deeply to pass up.

First Sight-600

The set has some nice flourishes and a couple of other sentiments I could imagine using.  Perhaps I’ll have to get this set out and play with it some more, now that I’ve reminded myself what I like about it.

On the other hand, Bloomin’ Love Stamp Set is still one I reach for when one of the sentiments fits the design I’m creating:

Bloomin' Love stamp set

Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment and let me know how you choose stamps, what makes a successful choice for you, and how you’ve been tempted to buy stamps you don’t use!

I hope these two more tips for choosing stamps you’ll use over and over has been helpful, and that you’ll be able to refine your purchasing habits even more!

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One Response to More Tips for Choosing Stamps You’ll Use Over and Over!

  1. Bernice Thompson February 3, 2017 at 6:26 pm #

    I think I have to have everything in the Sale-A Brations every time. Most of the Occasions book as I never check to see if I have most of the stamps with only one new one added. I’m beginning to check for than slowly.
    Now I try to purchase the bundles as I have learned to do 3-D cards. I have a problem of NOT inking the edges of the layers,. How do you know when to ink or not? do you ink them in different colors or all the same?
    As I look at the water color stamps I let my imagination see how many different colors I’d use on the same flower for instance

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