What Will You Choose from the New Catalog?

What stamps and accessories will you choose from the new 2016 Holiday Catalog from Stampin’ Up!?  If you’re like most of my cardmaking and paper crafting customers, you’ve marked a lot of items that you’d like to buy.  But since most of us need to be careful with our stamping budgets, you’re now faced with paring down the wishlist.  How should you decide what to get and what to let go?

Since the Holiday Catalog goes live tomorrow, it can be helpful to consider some tips for choosing stamps and accessories that you will use over and over.

First:  Know Your Style

When you first start stamping, you may not know your style very well, but over time you’ll come to understand what fits you best.  For example, I know my style quite well by now.  I love elegant stamps and dies, with nature themes, especially flowers.  I prefer images that are realistic rather than cartoon-like.

When I opened the Holiday Catalog for the first time, there were a few sets  I was drawn to right away.  One is the Starlight Bundle, and here’s the first card I made with it.  It definitely fits my preference for elegance.

Handmade Christmas Card from Stamping Madly using Starlight Bundle from Stampin' Up!

Second:  Look for Versatility

When you look at  stamp set or bundle, try to imagine how many ways you might use them.  If you can only see one possibility for a set, you have to decide if you like it enough to buy something you may only use once, unless you plan to make several cards of the same design.

The Star of Light stamp set looks very versatile to me, and I can imagine several ways to use it, especially when combined with the set of dies.

Star of Light Stamp Set from Stampin' Up!

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Does the stamp set have more than one image you can use for a focal point? 
  • Does it have images you could use to create interesting backgrounds?
  • If you look on Pinterest and other websites, do all the cards made from that set look very similar, or is there a lot of variation?
  • How many of the sentiments would you actually use?

Third:  Remember the Occasions and People You Create Cards For!

If you make lots of cards for kids, you’ll be attracted to different stamp sets than if you only make cards for adults.

For example, Merry Mice is a set that makes me laugh, and I wanted to color the cute little mice images.  But I realized that once I’d used each of the mice images in a card, I’d be finished with it.  I decided to borrow the set from a friend instead of buying it.

Handmade Christmas Card from Stamping Madly using Merry Mice stamp set from Stampin' Up!

Other things to consider:

  • Do you have a lot of friends and family members getting married or having babies?
  • Do you need plenty of cards for men?
  • Do you like to send Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards, Thank You Cards, and/or Friendship Cards?
  • Do you need plenty of Sympathy and Get Well Cards?
  • Do you like to make cards you can use for any occasion, adding the appropriate sentiment when you’re ready to send it?
  • What holidays do you celebrate?  And which do you actually make cards for?
  • Will you make time to create the cards you’re envisioning? 

As you look through the new Holiday Catalog, I hope these tips will help you choose your purchases wisely!

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2 Responses to What Will You Choose from the New Catalog?

  1. bernice thompson September 13, 2016 at 10:10 am #

    I know , I should be more selective in my choices. I go through the book mark what I think I cant live out, and order them. Then before I put my book down ( cant keep my hands off), I ordering things that are cute or I’m thinking oh yes, or just knowing( LOL0)This bundle is a must. HELP!!!!

    • Sage September 13, 2016 at 6:54 pm #

      As long as you use and enjoy the things you order, what’s the harm, Bernice? Some people just have smaller budgets to work with!

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