Five Tips to Get Your Cardmaking Mojo On!!

If you’re having trouble finding your cardmaking mojo, here are five tips to get it working again:

1. Play with a stamp or stamps without expecting to end up with a finished card.  Just play.  Here’s an example of what I did last night when I was experimenting with some stamps from the In the Meadow set.

Stamping Madly experiments with In the Meadow stamp set from Stampin' Up!

Will any of these images ever end up on a card?  Maybe the top one.  Maybe I’ll watercolor one with the mountains.  And then again, maybe not.  But I got a sense of what works and what doesn’t work with the mountains and tree stamps.

2. Walk away.  Let the experiment “season.”  Come back to it when you have time to stamp again.  A lot of times I’ll have gotten as far as the photo shows, without any inspiration of what to do next.  When I’ve come back, things will often flow more easily.  Sometimes I look at something I had walked away from, thinking it wasn’t coming together.  The next day I looked at it and realized it looked just fine, it was my attitude that was the problem.  I just needed a little perspective.

3. Get off your computer!  The internet is a great place to find ideas and inspiration.  But we can easily get sucked into wasting a lot of our precious time!  If this is a problem for you, set up some limits for yourself.  No more than 15 or 20 minutes on Pinterest or Facebook.  Watch no more than 4 videos on YouTube.  Sites like these can take you down a long road as you go from one thing that leads to another that links to another, and on and on and on.

4. Choose one of your favorite cards (either yours or someone else’s), and use the same layout with a different stamp set.  Here’s an example.  I saw an interesting layout somewhere online years ago, and made this card.  The only thing it had in common with the original is the arrangement of the three panels.

Evergreen Christmas Card from Stamping Madly

A while later I remembered the layout and used it in this card:

Gently Falling card from Stamping Madly

The dimensions of the panels aren’t the same, they were adjusted to fit the focal point.  But the concept is the same, and this is a layout I like enough to use again and again.

5. CASE something (Copy and Share).  Find a card you like and copy it, but add your own twist to the design.  Maybe a different color scheme, different stamp set, flip the layout from horizontal to vertical or vice versa.  You get the idea.

If you use this strategy, see number 3 above.  DO NOT spend hours looking for just the right card to copy.  When you do cruise the internet looking at cards, bookmark the ones you like, or pin them to your own Pinterest board, or print out a picture, or find some other way to be able to get back to the ones you like.  Then when you want to copy something, just go looking at the ones you’ve already found.  That way you won’t waste time looking for something.

Don’t let the stamping blahs get you down!  Try these five tips to get your cardmaking mojo on!

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2 Responses to Five Tips to Get Your Cardmaking Mojo On!!

  1. Julia March 9, 2016 at 5:05 pm #

    I think you should use the trees on the left on the envelope for the card you make using the larger trees. You could even use just a single tree on the envelope if you ink it with a marker. I love making my envelopes go with my cards.

    • Sage March 9, 2016 at 8:46 pm #

      Good idea, Julia.

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