Design Class Special Offer Ends Tonight!!

Just a quick reminder that the Design Class Special Offer ends tonight! 

last chance or opportunity now act now or never time for action

You can order and reserve all three parts of The Art of Designing Cards for a special package price, but only through midnight tonight, Eastern Time!


If you

  • are tired of struggling to design your own cards,
  • waste a lot of time looking for cards to copy, and
  • want the satisfaction of designing your own cards with confidence and ease,

then you can’t afford to miss this limited time offer!

You’ve seen the posts and emails all week.  If you thought you’d get around to buying it later, then do it now or you’ll miss your chance!  Use this link before it’s too late:

The Art of Designing Cards

Let me know if you have any questions.  You can reach me by email ( or phone (505-266-6240).

The Design Class special offer ends tonight at midnight Eastern Time, so don’t put off the opportunity to learn the design skills you need at this awesome package price!


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