How to Get FREE Paper Crafting Products from Stampin’ Up!

Today I want to show you how to get your FREE paper crafting products from Stampin’ Up!, both Sale-a-Bration items as well as Stampin’ Rewards.  Navigating the online store can sometimes be challenging, and I’ve had several calls from customers in the last couple weeks asking how to redeem their freebies.  So here are some screenshots and instructions to help you get the most out of your stamping dollars!

First, you need to know how Stampin’ Rewards work:  These are basically free dollars you can spend on any Stampin’ Up! merchandise.  For orders with the merchandise total of $150 or more, you’ll receive 10% of the total as free reward dollars.  The percentage increases with larger orders.  Each of the Stampin’ Up! Catalogs has a chart on a page near the back that tells the percentages.  This one is on page 178 of the Annual Catalog:

Stampin' Rewards Chart from Annual Catalog from Stampin' Up1

Many customers are able to take advantage of Stampin’ Rewards by combining orders with friends or family members.  This is a great opportunity, especially during Sale-a-Bration, because with an order of $250 or more, you’ll earn an extra $25 worth of Stampin’ Rewards. 

You probably know how to earn FREE Sale-a-Bration items by now:  For every $50 worth of ANY Stampin’ Up! merchandise that you order, you can pick one FREE item from the Sale-a-Bration Catalog.  Woo Hoo!  More Freebies!

Now you need to know how to redeem those freebies when you’re ordering through the Stampin’ Up! Online Store!

First add ALL the items you want to your Shopping Bag, except for Sale-a-Bration or Stampin’ Reward items. When you have added $150 worth of merchandise or more, you’ll see another button under your next item.

My recommendation:  Don’t use the Claim Rewards button until you’ve added everything you want to the regular part of your order so you know the total of rewards you can redeem.  Otherwise it can get confusing.

Add to Bag or Claim Rewards in Stampin' Up! Online Store

When you’ve added the last item, go to your Shopping Bag.  You can get there through this screen after you add your last item.

Continue Shopping or View Shopping Bag in Stampin' Up! Online Store

Or if you missed that link, you can find another in the top right corner of the screen:

Shopping Bag and Continue Shopping Links in Stampin' Up! Online Store

Here’s what the Shopping Bag screen looks like.  Click on the image for a larger view:

Shopping Bag screen in Stampin' Up! Online Store

All the items you are paying for are listed under Item Details.  If you’ve added everything you’re paying for, then this is the best time to start redeeming your FREE items.

Under Special Offers, you’ll see that you’ve qualified for Sale-a-Bration products and a link for ordering them.

Order Sale-a-Bration items in Stampin' Up!'s Online Store

You’ll need a magnifying glass to see the images on the screen, so it’s best to refer to the Sale-a-Bration Catalog ahead of time.  Go ahead and redeem your Sale-a-Bration items at this point.  Then go back to the Shopping Bag.

To the right of Special Offers, you’ll see the total of Stampin’ Rewards earned.  Use the Continue Shopping link in the top right corner of the screen to return to the store.  Then choose the first item you want as a reward.  This time use the Claim Rewards button instead of Add to Bag.

If you get confused about what you’ve added where, just go back to your Shopping Bag screen. Your Sale-a-Bration Items will be in the Item Details section, and each will show the price as $0.00.  Stampin’ Rewards items will be in a separate section.

Shopping Bag with Stampin' Rewards in Stampin' Up! Online Store

You can always click on the Check Out button if you’re having trouble redeeming your freebies.  Don’t worry, you won’t actually check out until you fill in your credit card info and click on Continueif you haven’t redeemed everything you’ve earned, you will get one of these messages.

How to order Sale-a-Bration items in Stampin' Up! Online Store

Click on Confirm, then use the link under Special Offers on the Shopping Bag screen to choose your free items.

Be careful with this message.  If you click on Continue Shopping it will take you back to the last item you ordered.  Don’t click the Claim Rewards button until you’ve found the item(s) you haven’t ordered.  Otherwise you’ll end up with two of the that other item.

Claim rewards

This may seem really cumbersome and/or confusing.  Once you get used to the online ordering system, it’s easier to navigate next time.

Or, take the stress out of all of it and give me a call.  505-266-6240.  I’m happy to submit orders for you That way I can also let you know about availability dates on backordered items, any savings or freebies you might be missing, and answer any questions you have.

I hope this lesson on how to get your free paper crafting products from Stampin’ Up! will help you navigate the Online Store if that’s how you prefer to order!

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