Design Class Special Offer Extended

If you missed out on the special low-price offer for The Art of Designing Cards, you’ll be glad to know the offer is extended for one more day! 

The-Art-of-Designing-Cards-Part-1 from Stamping Madly

You’ve probably seen the video introducing the class, but if you haven’t, you’ll find it in this post:  Special Offer.  Basically, the class is the solution for the biggest problem cardmakers face.  It’s for anyone who struggles with designing their own handmade cards, and wants the satisfaction of expressing their own creativity instead of copying others’.

The day the special offer became available was the Friday after Thanksgiving.  By the time I got to my office, I found several emails telling me that the PayPal link didn’t work.  Grrrr.  After working that out with a couple phone calls to PayPal, the class sold like hotcakes!

And why wouldn’t it, an innovative $47 design class for only $27!

This week I’ve heard from several people who gave up on buying the class when the Order Now button didn’t work.  For that reason, I‘m reinstating the offer for one more day, Monday December 7th.  The link to purchase the class is:  Be aware, the link won’t be live until Sunday midnight, ET, and will come down again Monday at midnight ET.  Don’t miss it again!

Talulah the cow tells all about The Art of Designing Cards from Stamping Madly

Talulah said there was some confusion about whether Parts 2 and 3 of the class were included with the purchase of Part 1.  She asked me to explain:

  • Each part is a stand-alone class and will be priced at $47 when it launches.  I’ve heard from one customer that the class would be a steal even at that price!
  • Part 1 covers principles of design.  Here’s what Pat Zurga wrote after watching all the class videos:

I enjoyed this class very much. It was easy to follow and very informative. I don’t think I will ever look at a card in the same way again. I found myself looking at my cards to see how close they conform to some of the design concepts. I have already modified one of the cards I was in the process of making. . .

  • Part 2 covers a step-by-step process for designing a card from start to finish.  It should be ready to launch by the end of January.
  • Part 3 covers how to step up your design while staying true to the design principles you’ve learned.  It also shows how to use design sketches, and will launch sometime between January and June.

The special price of $27 for Part 1 will only be available again this Monday, December 7th.  This really is your last chance to get the extended special offer on The Art of Designing Cards class!

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  1. ruth December 6, 2015 at 6:40 pm #

    sage, after reading this email i just am gonna make it simple and say that we pay $27 for class part1. will there be a prevue of part 2 and part 3? and when is class part 1 going to go live for us to read this? thanks….

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