How to Design Handmade Cards

If you want to learn how to design handmade cards, then you need to get in on the special offer from Stamping Madly!  If you haven’t seen the video about the discounted offer yet, you can watch it in this post to learn more:  The Art of Designing Cards.  Pay attention to what my silly cow wants you to know!

The Art of Designing Cards-Tomorrow's the last day for the special discounted price!

That’s right, only one more day to get The Art of Designing Cards at the ridiculously discounted price of $27!

The most common problem I hear about from my followers and subscribers is summed up in only a few of their comments:

  • When I want to make a card, I don’t know where to start, and I don’t know when a it’s finished.
  • I know lots of techniques, but when I put everything together, I’m rarely happy with my creation.
  • I don’t know what to use for backgrounds, or what colors to choose.  I don’t know how to make these decisions.
  • I can’t find my style.
  • I take a whole weekend to make a single card, and when it’s finished, I don’t even know if it’s a good card or not!

If you share this problem with so many other cardmakers, then this class is a must!  Use this button to learn more:

The-Art-of-Designing-Cards-Part-1 from Stamping Madly

Once you take the class:

  • your stress and confusion about creating your own card designs will diminish.
  • Your crafting time will be more fun and more productive.
  • Your cards will more awesome!
  • Your friends will envy the beautiful handmade cards you’ve designed!

If you don’t buy this class now, when it officially launches in January, the price will be $47! Don’t miss this great deal!  Use this link to purchase the class for $27 today!

Learn how to design handmade cards to take the stress out of your cardmaking!

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