Tax Holiday on Paper Crafting Tools and Supplies

If your state has a tax holiday for school supplies this month, some paper crafting tools and supplies may be eligible!  The list of items includes Adhesives, Scissors and Paper Snips, Markers, Blender Pens, Grid Paper, and Handheld Circle Punches.  The following states have a tax holiday this coming weekend, August 7th through 9th, unless otherwise noted.  Each state has different monetary limits which are noted in the parentheses.

  • Alabama ($50 per item)
  • Florida, Aug. 7-16 ($15 per item)
  • Louisiana, Aug. 7-8 (no $ limit)
  • Missouri ($50 per purchase)
  • New Mexico ($30 per item)
  • Ohio ($20 per item)
  • South Carolina (no $ limit)
  • Tennessee ($100 per item)
  • Texas ($100 per item)
  • Virginia ($20 per item)

If you live in one of these states, you’ll want to save money by skipping the sales tax!  If you need more details about which items are eligible in your state, just contact me at or 505-266-6240, and I’ll be happy to share that information with you.

If your state has a tax holiday on paper crafting tools and supplies, be sure to order eligible items, and let the state pay the tax!


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