How to Store Ink Pads

If you’re new to stamping, you may be wondering how to store all the ink pads you’re collecting.  Even if you’re not new, you may be struggling to keep those ink pads corralled in a way that makes them easy to find.

When I look at a storage system for my ink pads, I want something that displays the pads so they’re easy for me to pick out the one(s) I’m looking for.  It needs to take up as little space as possible, and be convenient to use.

Stampin’ Up! sells a Color Caddy that holds all 48 colors in the SU collection, plus 48 refills.

Color Caddy Ink Pad Storage from Stampin' Up!


  • The Color Caddy has a relatively small footprint, so it doesn’t take up much room on your shelf or craft table.


  • You can’t see all the ink pads at once, and have to turn the caddy around, which increases its footprint.
  • The weight of all the ink pads and refills is significant, and when it’s full, I found it to be cumbersome to turn.
  • Since it only has room for 48 colors, if you have all of them AND the In Colors, you still can’t store them all.
  • I personally like to store my ink refills elsewhere.  Since I don’t use them very often, I like them to be out of the way, so the little tray on top wasn’t helpful to me.

When I got tired of the Color Caddy, I went to this 60 Ink Pad Organizer from

Ink Pad Holder from


  • You can see all the pads at once.  I’ve got them sorted by Color Collection, plus two sets of In Colors.  There are extra slots for other inks if I want to keep them in view.
  • Although the footprint is long (21-3/4″), it fits on the top of a bookshelf.  Since it is only 3’1/2″ deep, it leaves room in front of the organizer for some small items.
  • It does have strong sawtooth hangars on the back so you can hang it on the wall and really get it out of the way.
  • The slots accommodate Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads, which are larger than other pads.
  • While the frame is made of wood, the shelves and dividers are made of foam core, which keeps the unit light-weight, but still strong enough to hold the pads.


  • I haven’t found any yet in the three years I’ve had the unit.

Another company that makes a similar ink pad holder is  Although I haven’t used their products, they look very similar and have very good reviews.  The downside is this unit is probably heavier than the one from OrganizeMore, as it looks like the shelves and dividers are made of wood products.  You’ll also pay extra if you want a wall-mount version.  Here’s the 60 pad holder.

Ink Pad Holder from

Let’s talk prices.  You can expect to pay $60 or more for any of these storage systems.  If you have a lot of ink pads, think about what it would be worth to you to have them organized in such a way as to make your crafting time easier!  There’s a lot to be said for saving yourself the frustration of pawing through a box of ink pads, or not knowing where you put that one color you want for a project the last time you used it!

  • Stampin’ Up!’s Color Caddy (holds 48 pads plus refills) is $59.95 plus $6 shipping.
  • OrganizeMore’s 60 Ink Pad Organizer is $59.95 plus $13.95 shipping.  They do have Daily Deals, and the day I wrote this post (not the day it was published), the 60 Ink Pad Organizer was on sale for $50.95.
  • Stamp-n-Storage’s 60 Ink Pad Holder is $64.75 with free shipping.  Add $10 if you want wall-mount.

If you’re like me, the bottom line is this:  If your craft room is disorganized, and you struggle to find your supplies and tools, you won’t enjoy your time in your craft room, and may end up ignoring it altogether.  If you want relief from the chaos in YOUR craft room, you need the online class Save Time and Get Organized!!!  A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter. Use this button to learn more:

Save Time and Get Organized!!!  A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter

You’ll find lots of helpful tips in the class for organizing all your paper crafting tools and supplies.  I hope this article on how to store ink pads has you thinking about getting organized so you can enjoy your crafting time more!

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