Still Waiting for Butterflies Thinlits?

If you’re still waiting for the Butterflies Thinlits that have been unavailable since it seems like forever, you’ll be happy to know that they have shipped from China, and are due in the Stampin’ Up! warehouse around April 8th.  The Hello Thinlits are also due in the warehouse around that time.

Butterflies Thinlits

In case you’ve tried to order either of these items and couldn’t find them in the online store, Stampin’ Up!, they’ve been taken out of the store until the backorder situation resolves. 

The backlog of backorders has been huge, and frustrating for customers and Demonstrators alike.  The dockworkers’ strike on the west coast that started last July has halted the movement of containers waiting to be moved from the west coast ports en route to other parts of the country.  You can see more information in this post:  Why All the Backorders?

In mid-February a tentative contract agreement was reached.  As of Monday, delegates from the unions started a week-long caucus to review the 5-year tentative contract and decide whether to recommend or reject the proposal to the full membership of the unions, who will then vote on it.  This could take a while!  If you want more information about the negotiations, here’s an article you can read:  Union Delegates Meet Over Contract Proposal.


Meanwhile, it’s not just your paper crafting products that are affected! The backlog of shipping containers full of goods are causing backorder and unavailability issues in products of all kinds.

Meanwhile, the backorder list has grown again, especially with the flurry of Sale-a-Bration orders over the last few days.  Many stamp sets, card stocks, and other accessories out of stock at the Stampin’ Up! warehouse.   So what’s a stamper to do?!!

Here are some suggestions:  Practice patience (I know, not my strong suit either), hope for a labor settlement (Geez, they’ve been at this for months!), and try to find new ways to use the products you already have.  I KNOW you have plenty of stamps and accessories you can play with!  Meanwhile, Stampin’ Up! will be busy filling backorders as soon as the merchandise hits the warehouse!

Hang in there.  If you’re still waiting for Butterflies and Hello Thinlits, you won’t have to wait too much longer.

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2 Responses to Still Waiting for Butterflies Thinlits?

  1. Julia April 2, 2015 at 1:00 pm #

    I guess I never really questioned where Stampin Up had their things made, assumed they were an American company that had them made here. I am very sorry to find out that the products are actually made in China. This means I am going to have to think long and hard about buying anymore from them. I try very hard to buy as much as I can from companies that support American workers. There ARE still metal craft factories right here that could just as easily make these dies.

    • Sage April 3, 2015 at 5:15 pm #

      Hi Julia,
      I wish all of Stampin’ Up! products were made in the US, but unfortunately it’s not so. I know the stamps are American made. The dies and Embossing Folders are actually Sizzix products developed exclusively for Stampin’ Up!, so Sizzix has made the choice to use China for those products.

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