Confused About Combining Colors?

Are you confused about combining colors in your handmade cards and paper craft projects?  If so, you’re not alone!

Confused about choosing colors?

I sent an email to all my newsletter subscribers recently, asking them to tell me about their biggest problem in cardmaking and paper crafting.  Many subscribers asked how to choose colors:  How to know what colors to use, which colors go together, and which colors go with patterned papers.  They  tell me how what a difference it would make if they could make color choices more easily:  They’d waste much less time and their crafting experiences would be much more enjoyable and relaxing.

The reason so many crafters have trouble choosing colors is that they don’t understand how colors are created and how they interact together.  In other words, they don’t know how to use color theory to help them make choices.

Color Cards make choosing colors for handmade cards easier

Here’s what one of my customers goes through when she makes a card.  After she’s chosen her image and created a focal point, she’ll try one color of card stock after another.  She doesn’t have a way to decide which combination she likes best.  She spends hours on Pinterest looking for cards she likes enough to copy, or color combinations that she can adapt to her cards.  She would love to make color choices more easily, without the frustration and wasted time.

Sound familiar?  If you struggle even half as much as this stamper, you need a system for looking at colors in a new way!   You need someone to teach you color theory in a way that directly relates to what you do in your craft room.  Choosing effective color combinations is a learnable skillThat’s why I created the online class   “Use Colors Like a Pro!  Color Theory Made Simple for Paper Crafters.”

Here’s what you’ll find in the seven video chapters of the class:

  • You’ll learn enough about color theory and color wheels to make choosing combinations easy. 
  • You’ll see colors in a way that makes the choices more obvious. 
  • You’ll learn to tell the difference between shades of a color, and the effect each one creates. 
  • You’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to make your time in your craft room more relaxed and enjoyable!

Here’s a video that will give you a small taste of what you’ll learn in the color class.  It looks at the 2015 In Colors and the combinations that enhance the richness of each color, as well as some combinations that don’t work as well.

If you think that looking at colors in this way will make your cardmaking and paper crafting time more enjoyable, then use this link to learn more about the class:

Use Colors Like a Pro!!  Color Theory Made Simple for Paper Crafters

Remember, if you’re confused about combining colors in your handmade cards and paper craft projects, then this class will change your life!

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