Got Chaos in Your Craft Room?

If you’ve got chaos in your craft room, chances are you’re not getting much crafting done!  It turns out that disorganization is one of the biggest deterrents to creativity there is!  Cardmaking and paper crafting is really hard to do when your supplies look like this:

Craft supplies jumbled in closet

Even if you wanted to create something, how would you find the supplies and tools you need?  How would you choose the colors you’re going to use, or find the matching embellishments, or know which dies and embossing folders you have?  I know too many stampers who look at their supplies and tools, and decide to go watch TV instead!  And that’s REALLY sad!

If you’re not stamping and enjoying it, then I can help you get from the chaos in your craft room to something that looks more like this:


With a system of organization for your tools and supplies, it doesn’t matter how much room you have or don’t have.  The system allows you to easily find the supplies and tools you want to use.  Even if you don’t have a room just for crafting, you can have a really organized cupboard, closet, or corner.  You’re much more likely to look forward to creating something if you do!  And THAT will enhance your life!

If you’re ready to start 2015 with a well organized craft room that will actually encourage you to sit down and create, then let me help!  Check out the online class:

Save Time and Get Organized!!! A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter

You’ll be glad you did!  Over 350 satisfied stampers have taken this class so far, and improved their craft rooms immeasurably!  They send me comments like this one from Sharon Sienaski:

The Save Time and Get Organized class was terrific! I made 10 pages of notes and sketches. The tips are easy and you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff to implement the tips. I like that you can start and stop the videos at anytime and you don’t have to watch them all at one time, just when you have time. Sage’s warm personality shines through and it is like being with your best crafting buddy. She is really a talented and very professional lady. You will enjoy this class.

If you’re ready for some sanity in your craft room, use this button to learn more:

Save Time and Get Organized!!! A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter

If you’ve got chaos in you craft room, this class is for you!

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