Design Tips for Cardmakers – Using Colors Effectively

In today’s design tips for cardmakers and paper crafters, we’ll look at using colors effectively.  Since color is such an fundamental element of paper crafting, it’s important to understand ways of looking at and choosing colors that will enhance your designs.

It’s not that some combinations are right and others are wrong, it’s that each will have different effects.  When you choose colors based on the end result you want, your designs will be enhanced.

I recently posted a video on Choosing and Combining Colors on my YouTube channel that explores the characteristics of the 2014 In Colors as well as some ways to choose colors to combine them with. Take a look.

If you found this way of looking at colors helpful, you’ll love the more in-depth exploration of color in the new online class:

Use Colors Like a Pro!!  Color Theory Made Simple for Paper Crafters!

Whether you struggle with colors, or just wish you knew more about why some colors go together better than others, this class will help you create more professional-looking cards.


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Using colors effectively is essential for cadmakers and paper crafters, and I hope these design tips inspire you to learn even more!

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