Handmade Cards for Any Occasion

When you need a handmade card for any occasion, it’s great to have some extras around.  Designing is the most time-consuming part of cardmaking, so when you’ve finished that process, why not make two or three more of the same card?

Here’s one I finished yesterday, and its simple beauty will have me back at my craft table to make some copies.  The fact that it will work for either a man or a woman makes it especially valuable to have on hand.


But what if you’re not sure you’re going to want the same sentiment on the card, depending on who you give it to?  That’s easy–just make a tag without a greeting, but don’t attach it to the card.  Then when it’s time to give it to someone, choose a stamp that will fit in the tag that is appropriate for the occasion you’re celebrating.  Easy peasy.

Another option is to leave the front of the card without a sentiment, then you can add any greeting you want to the inside of the card when it’s time to give it away.  You may have noticed that many of the cards I post don’t have greetings on the front, or else they’re so generic I can add something more specific inside.

This was a fun card to make, and the Serene Silhouettes stamp set seemed the perfect complement for the sentiment from Trust God.  You can see more examples of cards made with the Serene Silhouettes set in these posts:  Bright Summer Day, Sunset Card, Delicately Designed, Butterfly Card.

Trust God (W 132094, C 126702)

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Don’t you just love the tag shapes on the front of the card?  They’re made from the Chalk Talk Framelits, which you can purchase alone, or in a the Chalk Talk Bundle with the coordinating stamp set and save 15% off buying the two items separately. 

Chalk Talk Framelits (# 129983)

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Did you notice that the largest tag on the card looks different than the picture of the Framelits?  Are you wondering how I did that? 

I wasn’t thrilled with the big opening–it’s great if you want to attach it to a gift bag gift like on page 12 of the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog.  But what if you just want the tag without the opening like I did?  I got out my wire cutters and cut off the piece that makes the hole to put the top of a Cello Bag through.  I figured I can always add it when I want to use it, just like all the other tags have separate little Framelits for their holes.  This is what mine looks like now:

Chalk Talk Framelit altered

It worked great.  There’s just a tiny area that doesn’t have a cutting ridge where I made the cut.  So the tag I cut just needed a little snip with my scissors at that point.

Would you like to learn how I did the colored backgrounds on the three tags on the card?  If so, leave me a comment, and I’ll make a quick video for you!

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for making handmade cards for all occasions.

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  1. Marla August 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

    I’d love to see a video on this technique. It’s a very lovely card! Thank you for sharing!

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