Three Ways to Use Stampin’ Write Markers

Stampin’ Write Markers are one of the must-have supplies in my studio, and I want to show you three ways to use them to color images.  Since they come in EVERY Stampin’ Up! color, they coordinate with all the card stock, inks, and embellishments you use on your cardmaking and paper crafting projects. 

1.  Direct to card stock:  When you want a very saturated color for an image, apply the Marker color direct to card stock.  Here’s a Christmas image colored this way, and you can see how rich the color is.  One of the pluses of coloring an embossed image like this is that the embossing helps keep the marker ink inside the lines.Image colored with Stampin' Write Markers direct to card stock

2.  Apply with Blender Pen:  This is probably the coloring technique I use most often.  The effect is subtler than with the direct-to-card stock method, and you have more leeway to shade and blend the colors.  The onesies on this baby card were mostly colored with a Blender Pen, with the darker accents done with Marker direct to the card stock.

Handmade Congratulations card for new baby colored with Stampin' Write Markers

To use Markers with a Blender Pen, use something plastic as a palette to put the color on.  Then pick up some of the ink with the Blender Pen.

Coloring with Blender Pen and Stampin' Write Markers

3.  Ink a single stamp with several colors:  You’ll love the effect you get when you ink different parts of a stamp with different colors–especially when coloring flowers.  Here’s a favorite retired stamp, Watercolor Trio, colored with this technique:

Color one stamp with several colors using Stampin' Write Markers

To color the stamp, use the side of the brush end of the Marker to apply the ink to the rubber.  This will help keep the brush tip from breaking down.

Applying Stampin' Write Marker ink to rubber stamp

You may be thinking, if I have ink pads, why do I need the Markers, too?  Although you can pick up color with a Blender Pen from the edge of an ink pad, the other two techniques are things you can’t do with a pad.  In addition, wouldn’t you like to sign your handmade card and address the envelope in a color that matches the rest of your project?  It just makes for a classier presentation than using any old ball-point pen!

In fact, when I’m helping a new stamper figure out what to order to get started, I often suggest investing in a collection of Markers instead of a collection of ink pads, which cost significantly more money.  Along with a pad of Black StazOn, a new stamper will be able to maximize his or her stamping dollars and still do most things that ink pads do.

Click here to order the Brights Collection of Stampin' Write Markers from my Online Stampin' Up! Store

You can purchase Stampin’ Write Markers in several ways.  The most expensive way is to buy them one at a time for $3.95, and they’re only available in a few select colors.  A better deal is to purchase a set of 10 from one of the Color Collections for $28.95.   The Neutrals Collection only has 8 colors, since there isn’t a Whisper White or a Very Vanilla Marker, with a price of $22.95.  A set of 5 In Color Markers is $14.95.  You can view and order all these options by using this button:

Click here to order Stampin' Write Markers from my Online Stampin' Up! Store

The best deal by far is to splurge on Many Marvelous Markers, which includes all 38 of the core colors.  At $109.95, the cost per Marker is only $2.89 (as opposed to $3.50 for singles).  A fantastic case is included, with a chart that will help you keep your Markers organized so you can find the one you want, and spaces for 2 sets of In Colors.

Click here to order Many Marvelous Markers from my Online Stampin' Up! Store

     Many Marvelous Markers # 131264

The Markers are best stored on their side so that the tips won’t dry out, and the case makes this easy while the chart shows you where to find a particular color.  It’s so much easier than pawing through a box of loose Markers!

I hope you enjoy experimenting with these three ways to use Stampin’ Write Markers, and find them to be a must-have tool in your craft room.

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