Stamping Madly Cardmaking Contest Update

I have an update on the Stamping Madly Cardmaking Contest.  One of my customers sent in a photo of a card, thinking it wouldn't qualify because she had cased it from a card she had seen elsewhere.  To "case" means to "copy and share."  I realize I didn't address this issue in the contest rules, so let me clarify:

You can enter a card you've cased from someone else as long as you've taken the basic idea and altered it in some ways to make it your own.  Just be sure to indicate that you cased it.

For the rest of the contest rules, you can find them in the post from 3/25:

Stamping Madly Card Contest Details and Rules

Don't forget:  This could be your pocket if I choose your card as my favorite!  

Cardmaking Contest from Stamping Madly

Don't be shy, or let your mind tell you you're not good enough.  Send me your card and the instructions–for the fun of sharing, and the chance to see your work online! Think of all the cards I've shared with you, won't you share just one with me?

I hope this update helps encourage you to get stamping and send me a photo for the Stamping Madly Cardmaking Contest.

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