Do You Suffer from Craft Room Chaos?

Do you suffer from craft room chaos?  Was one of your New Years resolutions to finally get in there and get it organized?  Did you do it?  If it sounds like I'm describing you, then think about how you're hurting yourself, continuing to avoid stamping because you can't stand the mess.

One of the biggest blocks to creativity in all the stampers I talk with is the clutter in their craft room.  Recently a customer told me, "I have to get it cleaned up.  It's so crazy I can't find anything!  I start to clean up one section, and take everything out of the drawers.  Then I don't know what to do with that stuff, so I leave it on the bed.  Now it's an even bigger mess.  My husband says I should just not get so bothered by it.  That might work for him, but it isn't working for me!"

Craft rooms, by definition, are messes waiting to happen.  Just think about all the different things we have to put in enough order that we can find them when we want them:  Card stock, papers, inks, stamps, markers, punches, dies, tools, adhesives, and more!

So ask yourself this:  Which picture makes you feel like getting creative? 


Messy closet of supplies


Organized Craft Room

If you're like me, the thought of trying to make something with the supplies in Picture #1 just makes my creative juices dry up and go away.  I'd rather go do anything other than deal with that mess. 

If you live with some version of Picture #1, just imagine what it would be like to work in an environment like Picture #2Everything has a place, and when you want to find the right color, the perfect ribbon, or the best tool for a job, you know right where to reach for it!

Does it stay that way all the time?  Of course not!  Perhaps your craft table looks like mine when I'm in the middle of designing a project:

Messy craft table at Stamping Madly

The good news is that if you have a good system for organizing your tools and supplies, it will only take a few minutes to put everything away and start fresh again.

If you're stuck because of craft room chaos, then I can help! I've put all my best organizing strategies into an online class called:

Save Time and Get Organized!!!
A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter

You'll love the videos showing my best tips for keeping a craft room organized.  Once you purchase the class, the videos and other class materials are available whenever you want them, and for as long as you need them.  It's like having your own professional organizer helping you, at a fraction of the cost.  Use this button to learn more about the class:

Organize your Craft Room-an online class

Do yourself a big favor, and get your craft room organized.  Sign up today and stop suffering from craft room chaos!

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