Learn the Art of Cardmaking–Join the Mad Stampers Club

Learn the art of cardmaking when you join the Mad Stampers Club!  Since the club is ONLY available as an online experience, that means you can learn when and where it's convenient for you.  3 AM in your jammies?  No problem!  20 minutes while the baby's napping, another half hour after bedtime?  That works.  Just start and stop the videos as you need to.  Plus you'll get written instructions to follow, and a supply list with all the cutting measurements.

The videos will be ready soon for the March projects.  I thought you'd enjoy playing with these fun little embellishments, the Soda Pop Tops from the Spring Catalog.  You'll love how they coordinate perfectly with the Collage Curios stamp set

As you may already know, I make two versions of the projects each month.  Here's the simple version for March:

Collage Curios and Soda Pop Tops-simple handmade card from Stamping Madly

For the stepped up version, the Collage Curios set just called out for a vintage/shabby chic card. 

Soda Pop Tops and Collage Curios-handmade vintage/shabby chic card from Stamping Madly

Why should you become a Mad Stampers Club member? Here are three good reasons, but I'm sure there are more!

  • You've not been stamping long, and have lots to learn about tools, techniques, and supplies.
  • You have plenty of supplies but not much inspiration.  You sit down at your craft table and draw a blank.  Or you watch TV and ignore the craft room altogether.
  • You make cards now, but you're not satisfied with how they turn out.  You know you could make better cards if you just had some guidance.

If you see yourself in anywhere in the above list, then isn't it time that you became a Mad Stamper? Other paper crafters have taken that step, and this is what they say they're getting from the Club:

  • They're gaining the skills and confidence they need to be better stampers.
  • They're learning new techniques, creating top-of-the line cards, and hearing some of my best tips and tricks–all in the comfort of their own homes, at whatever time works for their busy schedule.
  • They're becoming inspired to make cards on their own as they see how the design elements come together in the monthly projects.

So you have a choice: 

  1. Keep muddling along without learning the skills and gaining the inspiration you need, OR 
  2. Join the Mad Stampers Club and learn to make extraordinary cards!

Use the button below to learn all the details about joining the Club

Click Here to learn about the Mad Stampers Club

Learn the art of cardmaking at its best–join the Mad Stampers Club today!

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