How to Use a Brayer to Make Beautiful Backgrounds for Handmade Cards

The Brayer is a much-loved and well-used tool in my studio, and I want to show you how you can use it to make beautiful backgrounds for handmade cards and scrapbook pages.  Here's an example.

Brayered background on Autumn Trees handmade card from Stamping Madly

To create the different layers of color, you start by brayering the card stock with the lightest color, in this case So Saffron or Daffodil Delight (I can't remember which and gave the card away already so I can't check). 

Brayer the lightest color for a background

Next you can tear a piece of regular copy paper into a shape that looks like hills.  Use this to mask the part of the card stock you don't want to get ink on. Place it over the yellow background, and brayer a darker color over it.  This was done with the now-retired Peach Parfait.  Then move the copy paper to a new position and brayer the card stock with the darkest color, in this case Cajun Craze. 

Brayered Background for the Autumn Trees Card from Stamping Madly

This technique looks like it requires great skill and artistry, but is really very simple. You'll love the results you get, and the recipients of your cards will think you're a genius!

You don't even have to clean the roller when moving from lighter to darker colors.  If the colors are compatible like these, you can just move to the next color–it doesn't ruin the ink pad.  If that makes you nervous, roll any ink off the Brayer onto some scratch paperIf you really need it clean before using the next color, roll it across your Stampin' Scrub and then on scratch paper.

Here's an important tip when using a Brayer:  When you ink it, don't roll it back and forth over the ink pad, or you'll just get ink in one small area of the roller.  Instead, place the Brayer on the edge of the pad closest to you, roll it across the pad, and lift it off the far side of the pad.  Then put the Brayer down on the near edge of the pad and roll again.  Repeat this process several times to make sure you get a good load of ink on the roller.

Cleaning the Brayer is simple, too.  Just rinse the roller under running water, using a little dish soap or even Stampin' Mist to help remove the ink. It will dry very quickly.

You'll love experimenting with all the ways you can create interesting backgrounds with this very simple tool.

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Now that you know how to use a Brayer to make beautiful backgrounds for handmade cards and scrapbook pages, go get your fingers inky playing with this technique!

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