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Stamping Madly's Facebook Page is very close to 1000 fans and you can help get to (and even past) that milestone!  In case you aren't aware, anyone who "Likes" my Facebook Page gets a free video tutorial on How to Make a Nugget Box.  Here's a picture of the box in the video:

Free Video Tutorial on How to Make a Nugget Box if you "Like" Stamping Madly on Facebook

You'll love how quick and easy these boxes are to make.  Once you've made one, you may not be able to stop!  (At least that's what happens to me!)  So, if you haven't "Liked" me on Facebook, head over to and click on the "Like" icon.  Then look for the button under the banner that looks like this:


Click on it, and if you've "Liked" my Page, you'll have access to the FREE video tutorial on How to Make a Nugget Box.  You'll also find a link to download the instructions and templates referred to in the video.

If you use a mobile device, the page with the video won't be accessible.  Unfortunately this is an issue Facebook hasn't addressed yet.  You'll need to use your computer instead.  If you don't have a computer, let me know you "Liked" my Page, and I'll make sure you get the link to the tutorial on a webpage.

Check back tomorrow to see samples of two new Nugget Boxes using items from the Spring Catalog.  But go "Like" my Facebook Page right now, and let's see how far over 1000 fans we can get by Friday!

If you haven't liked the Stamping Madly Facebook Page yet, won't you help me out?

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