Super Bowl’s Coming and You Could Be a Winner!

Super Bowl XLVII is coming on Sunday, and you could be a winner! 

Predict the Super Bowl Winner and get a discount from Stamping Madly

Just email me on Sunday with your prediction of the Super Bowl Champions BEFORE kickoff, along with an order for Stampin' Up! products, and I'll take 10% off your order if you're right!

The fine print:

  • I must receive your email before kickoff at 6 PM EST.  Email me at
  • List the Stampin' Up! merchandise you want to order, including item numbers.
  • If you've never ordered through me before, you must include your phone number so I can call you for your credit card number.
  • If you predict the winner, I'll take 10% off your order.  If you guess wrong, I'll still submit your order, but without the discount.

Ready for a little wager?  Pick the Super Bowl winners and you could get 10% off your order on Super Bowl Sunday.

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