Having Trouble with Texture Boutique?

If you're having trouble getting the "sandwich" to go through the Texture Boutique machine, The Hot Tip Queen has a tip for you. Hot Tip Queen 130

Sage gave a Texture Boutique to a friend for Christmas, and the friend called to say she couldn't get the sandwich (plates, embossing folder, and card stock) to feed into the rollers.  She was ready to return it, or toss it out the window she was so frustrated.

Since there may be others having the same problem, I thought I'd share the solution with you.  Although the machine comes with 3 sets of directions, only one of them indicates a very important step in creating the sandwich:

The end of the Embossing Folder with the fold (or the hinged end, as the directions call it) should be placed at one end of the two plates, then you must put the other end of the sandwich into the machine.  Otherwise the folded end is too bulky for the sandwich to get started through the rollers.

Sage neglected to get her camera out in the midst of our explorations, so I'm sorry she can't post any pictures of what I mean. 

It's just like when you're using the Big Shot, if the Cutting Pads and Die are all being fed into the rollers at once, it's hard for them to grab the sandwich.  So it's best to have the Cutting Pads extend a bit beyond the die so the rollers can catch them.  Then the rest of the sandwich will go through without a problem.  When the Cutting Pads and the Die are all flush with each other, the rollers can't grab on to the inflexible thickness.  I made her take a picture to show you.

IMG_1308 cropped

See how the Cutting Pads can provide enough give so the sandwich can be started through the rollers?

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.  Paper crafting should be fun, not frustrating!  Just leave a comment or email me at sage@stampingmadly.com.  (She won't let me have my own email address–yet.  I'm working on it, though.)

I hope this tip will help if you're having trouble with the Texture Boutique Embossing Machine. 

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  1. Terry Molineux December 27, 2012 at 3:23 am #

    I received mine but haven’t had a chance to place I just lost my mojo and can’t find it I am hoping after Leadership it will all come back!

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