The Stampin’ Trimmer is Here, and You’re Going to Love It!

 The Stampin' Trimmer has finally arrived and you're going to love it!

  • Are you tired of struggling to make that 5" or 5-1/2" cut because it falls right where the platform of your current cutter ends and the extension begins?
  • Are all the lines and numbers rubbed off the cutter platform because you use it so much?
  • Do you wish you didn't have to remove one of the blades when you're going to cut or score 12" card stock or paper?
  • Do you want something lighter than a guillotine style cutter that is easy to move on and off your work space?
  • Are you tired of cuts that are slightly off because the lines on the base are too far apart to be really sure you're going to get that 1/8" or 1/16" cut straight?

I know I can answer yes to all those questions, which means I've been frustrated with the old Stampin' Up! Cutter for years!  Especially the part about the lines and numbers rubbing off.  If you're in the same boat, then the Stampin' Trimmer is a must-have for your studio.

Take a look at this video to why you're going to love the Stampin' Trimmer:

I've been using my Trimmer for two weeks now, and I'm really pleased.  I know when Stampin' Up! takes time to listen to our concerns and suggestions when they develop a new product, that they're going to come up with an awesome tool And this one sure fits the bill.

Two warnings for you:

  1. The cutting blade is really really sharp. The good news is that it will cut thicker cardboard than the old cutter, makes very clean cuts, and should stay sharp longer.  But you need to be careful not to nick your finger when the cutting track isn't against the base–I know it's easy to get a little distracted and get my finger under the blade when I'm positioning card stock.
  2. At the end of the video, Brian mentions the clear plastic covering that's on the Trimmer when you get it and needs to be removed.  But he doesn't show you how subtle it is to see.  It's very thin, clear cling plastic that covers all of the white areas of the base and extension arm.

Here's why I make a point of telling you about this.  I knew about the covering, and removed the label that told me to take off all the covering, but I didn't realize I needed to take off more than that label.  Maybe I was too eager, or just don't read directions well.  But I started wondering why the plastic base had ripples in itSilly me.  I finally realized, "Oh, THAT's the plastic covering they're talking about!"  After reading emails from other Demonstrators, I find I'm not the only one who was confused.  Just rub the corner with a fingernail and it will come right up. 

Click here to order your Stampin' Trimmer from Stampin' Up!
Stampin' Trimmer #126889

If you want the best cutter available, order yours today from my Online Stampin' Up! Store!  The Stampin' Trimmer is finally here, and you're going to love it!

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