Evergreen Christmas Card–A Correction and a Comparison of Inks

Last week I showed you this Christmas Card using the Evergreen stamp set, and I have to make a correction to the post–plus a comparison of inking options.  I was mistaken when I said I used Frost White Shimmer Paint to ink the stamps.

Handmade Christmas Card with Evergreen stamp set from Stamping Madly
After a follower left a comment, asking if the Illuminate Pad would work instead of the Shimmer Paint, I remembered I had tried both of those things before I settled on the Silver Ink Pad that retired a couple years ago. 

I thought I'd share some photos of my experiments with different inks, and save you some time when you go to use this set–especially on dark card stock like Night of Navy.

Illuminate Glimmer Watermark Pad

Evergreen stamps with the Illuminate Glitter Watermark Pad
I wasn't at all happy with this choice, as I wanted something clear and crisp.  The Illuminate Pad works best as a watermark–like VersaMark, only with some glimmer to it.  I could see using it with the outline of the tree boughs as a background, but not as a focal point.  It didn't work at all for the word stamp.

Frost White Shimmer Paint

Evergreen stamps inked with Frost White Shimmer Paint
The Shimmer Paint was slightly better, but still not clear and crisp enough for my taste.  I found the Silent Night stamp challenging to work with, as the center of the stamp didn't get inked very well from a flat pad. So daubing the stamp with Shimmer Paint helped get better coverage. 

Silver Embossing Powder

Evergreen stamps with Silver Embossing Powder

Yesterday when I tried the Silver Embossing Powder, it turned out quite well.  For some reason, when I was trying to emboss the Silent Night stamp before, all the words ran together in a mess of embossing powder.  I can't remember if it was the silver powder I was working with, or another color–it was for a different project–so I don't know if the color of powder makes a difference.  I also could have forgotten to use the Embossing Buddy, because the powder clung to the card stock in between the lines.  What a disaster!  I tried to reproduce the problem, but was unable to.

One advantage to the Embossing Powder technique is that when I inked the stamps with the VersaMark Pad I could angle the corner of the pad to cover the center of the stamp, since the pad sticks up above the container a bit.  Some of the letters on the right edge of the Silent Night stamp got a little too much VersaMark and Embossing Powder, and aren't as clear as I'd like.

Silver Ink Pad (retired)

Evergreen stamps inked with Silver Ink Pad
Since I'd had such poor luck with Embossing Powder in the past, I decided to try the old Silver Ink Pad that I still have even though it's retired.  I try to use current products when I make projects to show you so that you can order the items if you want to make something similar.

In person, the Silent Night stamp is a little more legible than with Embossing Powder, because the lines of the words are so fine.  The Embossing Powder makes them a little thicker.  You can see that some of the letters on the outside of the stamp got too much ink as I angled the pad to get good coverage in the center.

All in all, if I were to start over with this card, I'd go with the Silver Embossing Powder, since there is so little difference between that and the Silver Ink Pad.

What do you think YOU would use for these stamps?

So there you have it:  A Correction regarding the Evergreen Christmas Card, and a comparison of Inking options.

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