Organization: How Much is Enough?

Many of us struggle with keeping a craft room organized, but I had to ask myself the other day, "How much is enough?"  One of my favorite writers on creativity, Mark McGuiness, has a free e-book 20 Blocks to Creativity.  In the chapter on disorganization, he says:

Mark mcguinness"Take a step back and look at your current work situation. How does it make
you feel?

Does it enable you to set aside trivial distractions and focus 100% on your
creative work? Are you getting the big, important, challenging things done?
If so, I wouldn’t sweat too much about being ‘disorganised’, even if your
office looks like a landfill site.

Or does your work make you feel anxious and frustrated, with emails,
phone calls and demands getting in the way of the work you love? If so,
then you could probably benefit from taking a different approach."

How often does your craft room look like a "landfill site?"  And does it get in the way of your creativity?  Here's what my craft table looked like the other day as I was finishing a new card.

Craft table during creative frenzy
As you can see, I tend to have so much stuff out when I'm making a new design, that I end up with a tiny little workspace.  I'm usually so focused on what I'm creating, it's hard for me to stop and put things away.  Fortunately I'm ok with the clutter at this stage of the process.  If I start to feel overwhelmed, I'll stop and put a few things away, but my craft table is never orderly when I'm designing.

Everyone has different needs around organization and disorder. I have a friend who has a very small space to work in, and her intolerance to clutter makes it impossible for her to work in a mess like the ones I make.  She has the great habit of putting things away as she goes along, even if she might need to get them out again later

Neither way is right or wrong.  Like Mark says, if your work space makes you feel anxious and frustrated, then it's time to do something different. 

The thing that makes my craft room work in spite of the clutter during my "creative frenzies," is that once I'm finished, it takes barely five minutes for my table to look like this:

Craft Table after 5 minute clean-up

The only way I can go from the clutter to the clean table in such a short time is by having a really good system of organization.  Everything has a place, so putting it away is a breeze. 

Organized supplies at Stamping Madly
Even more important is that when my creativity is flowing, and I want to try a certain punch, or a different color of card stock, or whatever, I can put my hands on it right away.  There's no hunting and wondering what I did with it last time I used it!

The important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What's your style?  Neat and tidy, cluttered but organized, or total chaos?
  • Is it working for you?  If it is, great.

But if you find that you avoid creating the things you want to because of the chaos, then you have a problem! 

The good news is, there's a remedy!  I've created an online class called Save Time and Get Organized! that will help you create a system that will keep you stamping instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed!  Want more information?  This video will tell you all about it!

Save Time and Get Organized!!  A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter

Then take a look at the organization in your craft room and ask yourself, "How much is enough?!"


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