Stampin’ Up! Product Review: Silicone Craft Sheet

Stampin' Up!'s Holiday Catalog has a new product, the Silicone Craft Sheet, that I want to review for you.  I couldn't tell what this item was going to be like just from the picture in the catalog, and I figured I wasn't alone. 

I was thinking it would be a smaller version of the large, thin Craft Sheet I bought at one of the craft stores months ago. I use it to cover my Grid Paper when I'm doing something wet and messy, like watercolor washes.

Instead, this is a soft, thick, silicone mat that is the perfect size (6" square) to move on and off my work space easily. 

Click here to order the Silicone Craft Sheet from Stampin' Up!Silicone Craft Sheet #127853

I've shared with you how I like to use a piece of waxed paper under my work when I'm adding adhesive, so I don't end up with a sticky mess on my Grid Paper.  I've ruined more than one project that way.

No more waxed paper blowing around under the ceiling fan for me now!  With the Slicone Craft Sheet, I get the same benefit in a sturdier form.  When I put it on my table, it stays where I put it. 

Adhesives won't stick to this mat, not even Crystal Effects. You can even use put glue right on it.  Not only will it handle the heat, but you'll be able to easily pick your project off the sheet when you're finished assembling it.

You can also use it under wet, messy products, but its small size makes it a little less useful for this purpose.  To clean it, just rinse it off with water, or wipe with a wet paper towel or baby wipe.

Don't mistake this new product for our old Silicone Rubber for use with the Texturz Plates in the Big Shot.  This is thinner, smoother, and translucent.  You won't want to use it as a mat for paper piercing or cutting, either.  You'll poke right through the Craft Sheet.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the newSlicone Craft Sheet, and if you have one, how you're using it.

All in all, I think Stampin' Up! has given us a great product with the Silicone Craft Sheet.

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