31 Days of Digital Content on Sale

Question:  What could be better than 31 days of Digital Content on sale for 31% off?  Answer:  30 Day FREE Trial of My Digital Studio 2 so you can create with that content! 

31 Days of Digital Content on Sale from Stampin' Up!August is Digital month at Stampin' Up!, and you won't want to miss this opportunity to add to (or start) your collection of Digital Downloads.

Who doesn't need to have a little tag on hand for a gift or bouquet.  With these Designer Gift Cards, you'll have a tag in a jiffy.  Just add a sentiment, print and cut out the tag and you're done!  Don't like the color of a tag you want to use? With MDS2 you can change the color monochromatically to something that fits your mood better.

What does that mean?  With the Peach Parfait tag with white flowers, for example, you can change the background to any color you want, and the flowers will stay white.

Designer Gift Cards Digital Downlaod on Sale
 Designer Gift Cards #128892
$4.95 only $3.42 during August

Do you wish you had some Thank You Cards on hand?  Here's a template for a set that will make it easy to create a stack of cards for those times when a verbal thanks just isn't enough! 

Or if you need a gift for someone, a set of Thank You Cards always comes in handy.  All of the elements in these templates come as stamp brushes, which allows for full color customization. Whant to add more embellishment to a card?  Choose from your library of digital content and add away!

If you're new to creating digitally, and wondering what the heck a stamp brush is, it is the digital form of a stamp set. 

Thanks Tons Greeting Card Template Digital Download on Sale
Thanks Tons Greeting Card Templates #127435
$2.95 only $2.04 during August

Speaking of embellishments, look at the Blossom Builders set.

Blossom Builders Embellishments Digital Download on Sale

Blossom Builders Embellishments Set  #129609
only $4.11 during August

Just imagine all the possibilities you could play with!  You can either add these to a ready-made template, as in the examples above, or start from scratch and create from your own design.  It's your choice. 

The templates are great when you're new to digital cardmaking and scrapbooking, or when you don't have the time or inspiration to start from scratch.  Once you get some experience with the program's tools and content, you can experiment all you want with creating your own designs.

Only 16 days left, so order yours today from my Online Stampin' Up! StoreThe 31 Days of Digital Content on Sale for 31% off ends August 31st. 

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