“I’m Just Not Creative”

If you believe you're just not creative, you're not aloneMark McGuiness is one of my Mark McGuinnessfavorite writers/bloggers on the topic of creativity.  He is also a business coach for creative people, so he has seen up close and personal all the blocks people can face when they don't feel creative.  In fact he's hit those blocks himself!

In his free E-book, 20 Creative Blocks and how to break through them, Mark writes:

If you believe you’re “Just not the creative type”, there’s no point even trying to think or act creatively. You’d just be setting yourself up for failure.

This is one of the biggest and most debilitating creative blocks of all.  Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest to get around, provided you’re
prepared to make a shift in your mindset…

These days, we’re forever hearing how vital creativity is to success. In the
21st century creative economy, we have to innovate or die – or at least end
up on the scrapheap.

Which is wonderful news for Bohemian types. But what if you’re not that
kind of person?

You’re not an artist, designer or a mad scientist. You’ve never heard the
voice of inspiration in the middle of the night. You’re perfectly happy with a
sensible haircut. You don’t hang around in cafes dressed in black, smoking
French cigarettes and discussing obscure subtitled movies. You may not
even – whisper it – use a MacBook Pro.

So what makes a creative person?

Throughout history, human beings have regarded artists, poets and other
creative people as somehow different from and mysterious to the rest of us.
There have been several explanations as to the precise nature of the creative ‘X factor’:

He describes the following "explanations" for what makes a person creative:  (You'll have to download the E-book for his description of each)

  • Mad HatterDivine Inspiration
  • Genius
  • Madness  [I guess I relate to this one!  :D]
  • Personality Type
  • Talent
  • Lateral Thinking (creative people think differently than the rest of us)

In his no-nonsense way, Mark concludes:

"Having studied all of these theories of creativity in depth, without finding
any of them especially convincing, I’ve arrived at the following definition of
a creative person:

A creative person is a person who creates things.

You either create something or you don’t. Period.

No doubt there are plenty of factors that influence things along the way, but
it’s hard to say definitively that any of them are the reason why creativity
happens. So worrying about them – and whether you have them or not – is a red herring.

And the great thing about this definition is that there’s nothing stopping
anyone having a go for themselves, to see if they too can create something
extraordinary. Including you."

Colored_Pencil_Heart_699579Thanks, Mark, for making it so simple!

Take it to heart, all you papercrafters!  You ARE creative.  Find out what blocks you from sitting down and creating cards, gifts, scrapbooks, boxes, whatever you wish you could make. 

Then take a look at Mark's E-book to find ways around those blocks! 

For ideas more specifically for paper crafters, go back and look at my series of posts on Nurturing CreativityYou'll find lots of inspiration and solutions for those pesky blocks!

Here's the first step:  When you hear your mind say, "I'm just not creative," DON'T BELIEVE IT!

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