Back-to-School Tax Holiday

Does your state have a Back-to-School Tax Holiday?  Eleven states do, and you can buy Red-Paper-Bag-With-Tax-Free-Si-3348841school supplies–including some Stampin' Up! products–without paying tax during the tax holiday weekend.

Each state has a different limit on the cost per item.  Here in New Mexico, the limit is $15, so anything under that amount that is considered a school supply, is tax free.  This includes, Markers, Pens, Adhesives, and Scissors. 

Some states are much more generous with the per-item limit, going as high as $100.  Two states didn't indicate a per-item limit at all.

Just think of all the fun YOU can have ordering Stampin' Up! products without paying sales tax!

The Tax Holiday is coming this weekend for most states.  I put together a little chart for you with the dates and per-item price limits, as well as the web address where you can look up the details for your state.

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 4.36.17 PM

Remember, you must place your order with Stampin' Up! during the dates shown above for YOUR state.

Here's a chart of the products, with item #'s and prices, that qualify in New Mexico.  Our per-item limit is only $15, but imagine what you could do in Texas or North Carolina!


Place your order through my Online Stampin' Up! Store during the qualifying dates in your state, so you can take advantage of the Back-to-School Tax Holiday.

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