Ready, Set, Go Digital in August

Not only will MDS 2 be available to download on August 1st, but there's another reason to get ready, set, and go digital next month!  Stampin' Up! will give you 31% off of 31 digital content items.  Plus 31% off printing services on all cards, photobooks, individual pages, and tags.

31% Off Digital Content and Printing from Stampin' Up!
If you're already addicted to digital scrapbooking, cardmaking, and all the other projects you can make with My Digital Studio, then you're going to love August!  If you haven't ventured into that world yet, then this is a great time to get your feet wet, or your fingers tapping, or whatever the right analogy would be.  Just start your FREE 30-Day Trial of My Digital Studio today, and when you're trial runs out, purchase MDS 2 as seen in the Holiday Catalog.

If you're wondering what digital content will be on sale, here's a run-down for you, with the discounted prices:

  • 127217 Floral District Collection Disc $16.53
  • 118115 Night and Day Designer Series Paper $3.04
  • 129929 Candid Frames $2.04
  • 129921 Check This Out Page Templates $3.42
  • 129609 Blossom Builders Embellishments  $4.11
  • 128999 It's All Me Kit $6.87
  • 127441 Whimsical Note Journal Template $1.35
  • 128342 Pinwheel Daily Calendar Template $6.87
  • 127599 Party Animal Kit $6.87
  • 127600 Autumn Traditions Kit $6.87
  • 127620 Playful polka Dots Kit $6.87
  • 130066 Storybook Specialty Designer Series Paper $3.42
  • 130850 Joyful Times Kit $6.87
  • 124463 One Great Year Digital Kit $6.87
  • 127715 Limited Edition Embellishments $2.04
  • 129607 Walk in the Park II Kit $6.87
  • 129934 #HASHTHIS Stamp Brush Set $5.49
  • 129923 Book of Birthdays Swatchbook Template $8.94
  • 121071 Travel Journal Kit $6.87
  • 129924 Git it Done Kit $4.11
  • 129005 Sweetly Nested Framable $3.42
  • 127758 Delight in the Day Photobook Template $13.77
  • 130862 Blast Off Ensemble $13.77
  • 129890 And a Happy New Year Photocard Template $1.35
  • 127435 Thanks Tons Greeting Card Template Set $2.04
  • 127587 Sending Glad Tiding Desinger Tags Kit $5.49
  • 127762 Gratitude Framable Designer Template $1.35

At this point, you might be asking, "Where are the pictures?"  I couldn't fit them all in one post for you, so I thought I'd give you a way to download the entire MDS Catalog through June 2012.

It's a large file, so be patient while it downloads.  You'll be able to search for pictures of each of the sale items by item number.  Just use the keys Control F (Command F on a Mac), and that will bring up a search box for you.

Meanwhile I'll post some pictures of my favorites on the list over the next month.  To start you off, here's what is on the Floral District Collection Disc: 


Digital Floral District Collection Disc 31% Off in August from Stampin' Up!
All images ©Stampin' Up!


With all these great reasons to start or add to your My Digital Studio software, it's time to get ready, get set, and go digital in August!

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