Why I Can Hardly Wait for the Stampin’ Trimmer

I can hardly wait for Stampin' Up!'s new Trimmer!  Let me tell you why. 

Old Paper Cutter from Stampin' Up!I have gone through three of the old Paper Cutters in three years.  Granted, Fiskars has been very accommodating, and every time I've emailed and told them that the numbers and lines have worn off, they send me a new one.  But Stampin' Up! has really needed a higher quality Cutter for a long time.  Here's a photo of the one I replaced last year.

You can imagine how frustrated I can get when I can't measure card stock precisely, since I'm so fussy about that.  I use 16ths of an inch frequently for mats, and it's impossible to re-mark the lines accurately with a Sharpie. 

I've been telling myself for a few months that I need to contact Fiskars again, because the one I'm using currently is getting harder and harder to read.  Then the 2012 Stampin' Up! Catalog came out, with the cutter of my dreams inside!  Unfortunately the Stampin' Trimmer wasn't ready yet, and I'm waiting not-very-patiently for its debut.  I can't even show you a photo of it, as it isn't in the online store, but you can see it on page 180 of the Catalog.

Stampin' Up! has been working hard to develop the very best Cutter for cardmaking and papercrafting, based on the feedback they've gotten from customers and Demonstrators. Here are the features I'm so excited about:

  • The ruler and 1/4" gridlines (yippee) are under a plastic cover so they won't wear off.
  • The cutting track locks into place, and is specially designed for stable, straight cuts. (As opposed to the track in the old Cutter that has a lot of play in it and isn't always accurate.)
  • The cutting base is a full 6-1/4" wide, which means you can cut most card sizes without having to swing out the extender.
  • It has both cutting and scoring blades, and the scoring track is long enough to keep both of them in the track and still make a full 12" cut.
  • There's a storage space under the cutting base for extra cutting and scoring blades.

All this means that you'll be able to get the most precise cuts and scores possible from a lightweight cutter that moves to and from your work space with ease.  If you've had trouble with the old Paper Cutter, then you'll be as excited as I am to order the new Stampin' Trimmer.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Stampin' Up! has announced that it won't be long before the Stampin' Trimmer is available. They're just waiting for the supplier to determine the arrival date.  You can bet that will be the very day I put in an order, and get ready to kiss my old Cutters goodbye!

Be sure to check back at Stamping Madly.  I'll keep you posted and show a photo as soon as it's available online.  If you've been frustrated with the old Paper Cutter, then you understand why I can hardly wait for the Stampin' Trimmer.

2 Responses to Why I Can Hardly Wait for the Stampin’ Trimmer

  1. Julie M. July 17, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    I hope that you will post a review of it after you get yours. I would like to know if it measures up (haha) to your expections. I have been eyeing it myself. Currently I use a fiskars rotary trimmer and can get very accurate cuts, but it is somewhat bulky b/c it has a full 12″ (or more) long base and then it is probaly 16″ wide. My crafting area is small; and my trimmer isn’t. (-:

  2. Sage Kimble July 17, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

    Ill definitely post a review, and am just waiting to get word that we can order the new trimmer! The 16 wide base youre working with now sounds challenging. Take care,

    Sage Kimble
    Independent Stampin Up! Demonstrator

    If your fingers arent inky yet, what are you waiting for?

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