Why You Need to Get Organized

As paper crafters, we need to get organized in order to create. It's simple and necessary!

Why you need to organize your craft supplies!If your craft room is a mess, you'll be fighting the chaos every time you try to create something. If you have to paw through piles and drawers for your supplies and tools, you've got a major block to your creativity! If just thinking about getting things out of the closet and setting them up so you can create a card makes you want to go watch TV instead, you're cheating yourself out of doing something that nurtures your soul.

Order and routine are essential to creativity.  Sure, we love those moments of spontaneous inspiration effortlessly channeled into a finished product– the card that designs itself in front of our eyes, every component easily falling into place.

Cardmaking and Paper Crafting CreativityI celebrate those experiences, but most of my creations take more time and experimentation.  I try something, reject the idea, perhaps alter it a little or try something totally different.  I have to be willing to make mistakes, to try a technique or color or embellishment, then decide it doesn't do it for me, and try something else. 

Get organized in the paper craft studioIn order to make experimentation fun and efficient, I have to be able to find that other color, ribbon, or tool easily and quickly.  I don't want to waste my crafting time hunting for stuff!

If you find that you

  • Waste time looking for supplies and tools
  • Avoid starting projects because it's too much trouble to get everything out
  • Use your stamping time inefficiently because you haven't learned simple time-saving tips

Then you need the online class, Save Time and Get Organized!!! A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter.  Watch this video to see how I can help you make your stamping time count!

Save Time and Get Organized, a Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter
Act now!  Go to SaveTime.MadStamperU.com today.  See why YOU need to get organized so you can enjoy your paper crafting time instead of fighting the chaos!

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