Eat Chocolate Together for Valentine’s Day!

Eat chocolate together for Valentine's Day, and you'll be indulging in a long-time tradition.  Let's see why chocolate is so popular on this day.

David Eisen is the owner of Euphoria Chocolate in Eugene, Oregon.  I can't think of a more temptingly lucious name for a chocolate company!  Chocolate being pouredIn his article Why Chocolate for Valentine's Day, he tells us:

Elaine Sherman wrote "Chocolate is heavenly, mellow, sensual, deep, dark, sumptuous, gratifying, potent, dense, creamy, seductive, suggestive, rich, excessive, silky, smooth, luxurious, celestial. Chocolate is downfall, happiness, pleasure, love, ecstasy, fantasy … chocolate makes us wicked, guilty, sinful, healthy, chic, happy." What more could you want to say to your lover on Valentines Day? Even the scientific name for the tree from which chocolate is derived, Theobroma cacao, translated from Greek, means "food of the gods".

It isn't just about taste, it's also about brain chemistry.  Chocolate contains mood altering chemicals, including seotonin (the brain's antidepressant and anti-anxiety substance) and endorphins (the pleasure chemicals).  High levels of these chemicals have been linked to the experience of "falling in love."  It is no wonder, then, that chocolate has been seen as a mood enhancer and an aphrodisiac for ages

Eisen continues: 

Debra Waterhouse, author of Why Women Need Chocolate, conducted a survey and found: 97% of women reported cravings, 68% of which are for chocolate, 50% would choose chocolate over sex, and 22% were more likely than men to choose chocolate as a mood elevator. These findings could easily be interpreted as a result of how chocolate makes us feel. I don't know why more women choose chocolate than men, for I am a man and I love chocolate.

Learn more about chocolate from Eisen's article, Why Chocolate for Valentines Day.

Did you know that there are 10 Rules of Chocolate?  I've posted them all on my Facebook Page over the last few days, so go have a look.  Warning:  May cause extreme cravings, as a photo is posted with each rule!   Click Here to go to my Facebook Page.

It's time to check your chocolate resources!  Women may crave chocolate and its effects more than men, but chemistry is chemistry.  Why don't you and your sweetheart treat each other with some mood altering indulgence:  Eat chocolate together for Valentine's Day!

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