Pleated Satin Ribbon Tips

I love the new Pleated Satin Ribbon from the Occasions Mini Catalog, and thought I'd share some tips on what to do with the cut ends. 

IMG_5453When you cut the ribbon, it leaves an end that frays easily, and no one wants that showing on a project.  My sewing experience taught me to always finish my edges, so I experimented with ways to manage the scruffy ends. 

FIrst I turned the ribbon over and pulled back the end, loosening the stitching. 



Then I folded the end back, and used a Glue Dot to adhere it to the pleat behind it.


Once it was flat against the back side, I used a tiny bit of Crystal Effects to seal the end so it won't fray any more. (The Crystal Effects doesn't show in the photo.)


When you turn it over, you have a nice clean end that will look very finished on your cards:


Here's how it looks on the card I showed you in yesterday's post:

Pleated Satin Ribbon with finished end
I hope you find these tips helpful.  Leave a comment if you have any tips for finishing the ends of Pleated Satin Ribbon.


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  1. Michele February 7, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    I was just wrestling with this very problem over the weekend… Thanks so much for the detailed tips, Sage! Your solution was way nicer than what I came up with myself ­čśë

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