How Can Mindfulness Enhance Creativity?

How can mindfulness help enhance creativity?  This is a question I've been exploring lately, and wanted to share some things with you.

Mindfulness I've been using mindfulness in my own life, and teaching my psychotherapy clients to use it as well.  It is a way to step outside of the feelings and thoughts that we tend to get caught up in, and move into a place that can observe what is going on inside.  Mindfulness is a form of meditation, but it is also a viewpoint.  We can be mindful, with eyes wide open, in the midst of any task or interaction during our day. 

Mindfulness and CreativityMindfulness is a useful tool for optimizing our ability to tap into the creative flow.  We can observe the blocks to creativity that can immobilize us.  We can find that quiet place inside that enhances our ability to sidestep self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear of failure.  Once we quiet all those inner voices, we can create from a place of wonder, experimentation, and play.

Maya Frost urges an approach to mindfulness that emphasizes playfulness and wonder. In her article Mindfulness and Creativity:  The Wow of Wonder, she says:

River__27210188"Whether or not you consider yourself a creative type, the truth is that you are constantly creating ideas. Mindfulness invites you to be aware of this constantly flowing river, and offers an opportunity to choose to sit beside it instead of swimming in it. By watching the ideas from that calm riverbank, you can more clearly see the ones that float to the top and sparkle in the sun."


"The Wow of Wonder is what allows us to transcend what we "know" and float in that river of ideas without sinking under the weight of evaluation. In our most mindful moments, it is wonder that saves us from overthinking and keeps things light."

Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 12.52.52 PMI encourage you to read the entire article, Mindfulness and Creativity.  It is short, fun, and very relevant to enhancing your creativity as a cardmaker and paper crafter, as well as in any aspect of your life!  You can also visit Maya's website, Real-World Mindfulness Training, for free courses on developing mindful awareness.

Then next time you're sitting at your craft table feeling stumped, ask yourself:  "How can mindfulness enhance my creativity?"



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