Why You Need to be Organized to be Creative

Mark McGuinness"Why you need to be organised to be creative" is the first chapter in Mark McGuinness' free E-book, Time Management for Creative People.  (He is from England, hence the spelling of "organised.")  Mark has some wonderful things to say about how our creative expression is enhanced by routine and organization. 

Do "routine" and "organization" sound like they belong to a different world than creativity?  Some might think so, but they actually help us tap into our creative juices.  Here is a quote from "Why you need to be organised to be creative."

"Concentration is essential for creative work – certain stages of the creative process require single-minded focus on the task in hand.  When we're really in the zone, we experience 'creative flow' . . . Interruptions, multi-taksing and the anxiety that comes from trying to juggle multiple commitments – these are in danger of eroding the focused concentration that is vital for your creativity."

Multi-tasking is bad for body and brainWe live in a culture in which multi-tasking, interruptions and the constant juggling act is the norm. Parenthood is the ultimate example.  Add a career to that, plus a social life, and you've got a recipe for chronic stress and overwhelm.  It is the rare individual who is not plagued by such a lifestyle. 

Researchers are finding more and more evidence of the negative effects of multi-tasking on the human body and brain.  Check out this article for more details:  Is Multi-tasking bad for your brain?

You may be wondering why I'm writing this article, and what it has to do with stamping.  In my series on Nurturing Creativity, I stressed the importance of organization, making an efficient work-space, and planning time for your creative projects.  I've found these things essential for connecting with my "creative flow." 

When I sit down to design a new card, I have to make sure my craft table is clear, all my tools and supplies are put away, and I have some quiet time without interruptions.  Otherwise I struggle with the chaos and the design process doesn't flow

Disorganization impedes creativityMy table is often a jumbled heap once I'm in the midst of experimenting with different ideas, and I may end up with about a 1 square foot of work space!  When I find the flow has stopped because of the disorganization, I have to stop and put away the things I'm not using.  the more chaos, the more the creative flow is clogged.

I have yet to create the same level of organization and order in my office, so it's not surprising that I am often overwhelmed and resistant to clearing my desk.  Perhaps I'll make that a goal for 2012–an office that works as smoothly as my craft room!

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed with your craft space, and reluctant to get started because it's so hard to find things, make room to work, or create the quiet time you need, then it's time to consider some new strategies!  The sense of satisfaction and joy that come from expressing your creativity is worth it.  You are worth it!

That's why I put my top strategies for saving time and getting organized into an online class.  Give yourself the gift of an organized and efficient craft space.  Watch this video to learn more.

Save Time and Get Organized - A Class for Paper Crafters with Clutter
If I've got you thinking about why you need to be organized to be creative, then I've accomplished what I wanted with this blog post!

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