Nurturing Creativity Part 12



Stamping-19 How we access and express our inherent creativity is different for everyone.  I assume that since you’re here visiting Stamping Madly, you’re probably a paper crafter and cardmaker.  But the principles we’re exploring work no matter where you want to apply your creativity. 

One question you might want to ask yourself is “What is my style?”

Stamping-16 What projects have you made that please you the most?  What appeals to you in other people’s work?  Are you drawn to simple and elegant?  Cute and colorful?  Vintage and shabby chic?  Do you like the “production numbers” that are like works of art in themselves?  Or quick and easy because life is full or because simple says it best for you?  What kind of projects are you most comfortable making?Rainbow butterflies_5791693

Knowing what works best for getting the creative juices flowing for you is a great starting point.  Go ahead and play with a comfortable style and see how easily it flows the more you practice.  You will eventually be ready to venture into new styles.

Maybe there are certain colors and color combinations that you usually turn to.  Don’t criticize yourself for not being “better with color,” just keep using them until one day you find yourself reaching for another color to add more interest in a project.   

When you find you’re bored with the style you usually do, you know it’s time to push the envelope.  Experiment with something you’ve been admiring but haven’t had the courage to try.  Remember, it’s all about playing and exploring.  When you do move into a new style, don’t expect to master it on the first project.  Dare to make something you may or may not like when it’s finished. Then figure out what worked, what didn’t, and make another one based on what you learned.

Dharma_Prana_4928048 Our creations can come from a very deep part of ourselves.  The style we choose is an expression of who we are, how we feel and what we believe.

When we give handmade cards and gifts, we make a statement to the recipient that is very different than when we buy something.  What is the message you want to give?  Here are some that come to mind for me:  “You mean so much to me, I made this for especially for you.”  “Here’s a part of me I want to share with you.”  “This is how much I treasure you.”  I'm sure you can think of plenty of your own messages.

Find your style.  Keep expanding it, trying new things, but don’t try to do things that just aren’t “you.” 


And remember to Stamp Madly!

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