Shaker Card Tutorial Rained Out!

IMG_4698 I was recording the video tutorial for making the shaker card I showed you last night.  It was raining lightly when I started, but halfway through it started really pouring!  That's not a big deal–I love the rain, and the parched desert where I live is in desperate need of the water.  The problem is, my craft table is right under a skylight and it got too noisy to keep recording!

It is still raining and thundering this morning.  What a blessing.  Usually when we get a storm it doesn't last long, and the garden soil only gets wet for about 1/4".  An all night rain like this can really soak in, and that makes a huge difference. 

While I am disappointed I couldn't finish the tutorial for you, I'm doing a happy dance about the rain.  Check back on Friday, I should have it for you by then.

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