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Lab_And_News_528504 If you are a Stamping Madly Newsletter Subscriber, then you know I have changed my newsletter mailing service from Constant Contact to AWeber.  In the August Update, I encouraged all of you to switch to the new service by entering your name and email address in the signup box on the new front page of this website.  I also imported all your email addresses from Constant Contact to AWeber, which means you have been sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription.

Many of you have already made the switch and received the FREE GIFT of four time-saving tip videos.  Good for you, you won't miss a single issue of Stamping Madly Newsletter.

Dog_Reads_Newspaper_339224 Some of you have tried to make the switch, but emails sent to you have come back undeliverable.  This could be because:

  1. Your email service provider blocks this kind of mailing.  (Roadrunner is the worst, but not the only one.)
  2. You entered your email address incorrrectly.
  3. The emails are ending up in your spam or junk folder.  (Be sure to add to your approved sender or whitelist.)

Here are some things you can try:

  • Re-enter your email address in the signup box.
  • Check with your email service provider and see if they are blocking the emails.
  • Use a different email account.  You can easily get a free gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account–these are the ones that have the fewest problems.

Delivery_Of_News_705954 So if you want to continue receiving all the great tips, tutorials, announcements, and promotions delivered directly to your inbox, then CLICK HERE to view your first free video and enter your email address in the signup box. 

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