Nurturing Creativity Part 4


Welcome to Part 4 of Nurturing Creativity here at Stamping Madly.

In order to access that sweet river of creativity that exists withing each of us, we have to recognize and more through the blocks that are in the way.  I have been asking my customers, "What are your biggest blocks to creativity?"  Here are some of their answers:

  •   Brick_Wall_691742 I doubt myself–for example,  I don't trust my designing abilities, and don't know where to start when I want to make something.  I sit down and wait for inspiration that doesn't come.
  • I compare myself to others–I should be able to make things as beautiful as so-and-so's projects, and then I question every idea I have and before long I give up and put everything away.
  • I may start with an idea of what I want to make, but it isn't working.  I really shut down my creativity when I cling to an idea that isn't working instead of staying open to letting a design evolve.
  • I don't have time!  I'm so busy with family commitments, work, other hobbies, keeping up with chores and errands, etc., etc., that I don't take time out to stamp–even though I love how it helps relieve the stress of having too much to do!

Water flowing over rock_7145338 I don't get enough practice.  When I only stamp once every couple months, my skills are rusty and my confidence is low.  I don't tap into that "sense of flow" that used to happen when I stamped more often. 

  • I'm too much of a perfectionist.  I stress over every step–should this image be here or should it be there?  Should it be this color or that?  I get paralyzed and it takes me forever to make something.  Sometimes I can hear Sage's voice in my head saying, "Just pick one!" 
  • Creativity Symbol with caption I expect too much of myself.  I think I should be able to sit down and whip out a new design and finished project in no time, instead of the hours it seems to take me! 
  • My supplies and tools are too hard to get to.  I have to find them in the closet, which is always a mess, bring them out to the kitchen table and then put them all  away again before we need to eat again.  I get frustrated because I can't get any momentum going, so the next time I think about stamping, I give up because it is too much work.

Do you recognize your blocks in this list?  Or do you have others that I didn't mention?  Leave a comment and let me know what gets in the way of your doing more stamping.  I will continue to explore blocks to creativity and how to deal with them as the Nurturing Creativity series continues.  Be sure to stop by next Thursday for Part 5!

Don't forget to leave that comment about your blocks to creativity.  Now go get stamping!

2 Responses to Nurturing Creativity Part 4

  1. Rita August 11, 2011 at 4:34 am #

    Mine is most definitely self doubt and comparing myself to others. It is always difficult to see the beauty in my own work when others are making things that I think are so much better.

  2. Rose Curtis August 12, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    Great idea …to nurture creativity can wait to see your suggestions to everyone’s blocks!

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